Use Stick & Peel Mosaic Tiles to Refresh your Home Interior

With today’s stick mosaic tiles and new technology, whatever colors, sizes, styles and materials you may want are not impossible to get. As you may not know, the distinguishing characteristic of the glass mosaic tile is what makes it so popular. This building or art material, whichever you may want to look at it, has a very broad spectrum of applications because of it’s properties as a strong barrier to water. Glass has zero water absorption rate thus it has no problems with expansion or shrinkage and can be used indoor and outdoor. Stick mosaic tiles can be used for a range of building installations for residential flooring though not recommended for polished surfaces because it can get slippery, walls, columns, pillars, artwork, bathrooms, kitchens and swimming pools. Imagination is the only limit when it comes to using peel and stick mosaic tiles.

The original stick mosaic type is the vitreous glass mosaic tile. This kind of mosaic tile was commonly used to make swimming pools. Through the years, the glass mosaic tile has evolved and now has several categories aside from the original stone-like opaque variety.

mosaic tiles


  • Crystal Mosaic Tiles – The Crystal glass mosaic tile can be see-through or translucent but can also have thousands of colors available.
  • Stone Mosaic Tiles – The stone glass mosaic tile was created when people started blending natural stone into glass. This kind of mosaic tile can appear very natural and can create a luxurious appearance in your home.
  • Iridescent mosaic tile – An iridescent glass mosaic tile has iridescent coatings on its surface to make the glass mosaic reflect a variety of colors. This kind of glass mosaic tile is perfect for casinos and clubs.
  • Metallic Peel and Stick Tiles – The metallic glass mosaic tile is made from a very special material. Unlike other glass mosaic tiles where the color is on the back of a mosaic, the metallic glass mosaic colors are fused into the tile itself. This is done by exposing the tile into an extremely high temperature and when the glass fusion has cooled down, the color inside is evenly distributed through the whole mosaic.
  • Van Gogh Glass Mosaics – The Van Gogh glass mosaic underwent a similar manufacturing process as the metallic version. The difference is that the Van Gogh tiles give off an oil paint texture on its surface.

For small projects at home that require using tiles, opt for a do-it-yourself (DYI) project using bright colored glass mosaic tiles. There are numerous design patterns one can follow to create an eye catching kitchen or bathroom wall. Imagine what your cake baking pans will look like sitting in front of your new tile backsplash. Browse different websites on glass mosaic tiles to get some tips and ideas on how to use them, what colors are available or whatever information you might need about how to properly install and design the layout. Already make your decision? Head over to convection toaster oven reviews for information on a great appliance to compliment your kitchens new look.

Key Advantages of peel and stick mosaic tiles:

  • Easy to cut
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof and oil proof
  • 3D effects to glow and beautify
  • No grout needed


Peel and Stick Mosaic Tiles  for Kitchen Backsplash: 

Most expensively decorated kitchen has a mosaic tile backsplash. The purpose of this mosaic tile backsplash is to protect the wall behind the kitchen counter and sink. A kitchen backsplash can also be used as an artistic design element in your kitchen.

Several DIYers have successfully installed mosaic tile backsplashes in their own kitchen and have saved hundreds of dollars. From the traditional and unfussy to the contemporary and capricious, there are different backsplash options to select from. Research, creativity and a bit of hard work will get you your dream peel and stick tiled backsplash.

Tile is the leading choice by most owners for a kitchen backsplash. Other materials such as mirrors or wallpaper don’t just cut it in terms of durability, convenience, safety or looks. One can effectively create different backsplash looks depending on the type of tile used. Tiles are either made of glass, stone, or ceramic and may feature simple geometric patterns or floral designs.

If you are contemplating about using glass mosaic tiles for your backsplash, let’s breakdown the different types of glass tile available to help you make a more solid choice:

Recycled Glass Tiles- Recycled glass tiles make an exceptional choice for a kitchen backsplash. IT has eye popping colors, rustic elegance and environmentally friendly too. No two recycled glass tiles are the same because they are handmade. Each tile varies in shade, size and color, making them as original as ever. Most recycled glass tile is comprised of 30 to 70% glass from bottles or other waste glass.

Clear Glass Mosaic Tiles – Clear glass mosaic tiles are probably the first and most common glass tile for backsplashes. It is a simple clear glass with color paper adhered to the back of the tile to give it a vibrant color.

Stained Glass Tiles- There are actually two different types of stained glasses. There is the stained glass made into sheets then cut into the different mosaic sizes or into small brick patterns. The second type is poured into a mold giving it more of an uneven texture and brilliant color.

Gem Stone Glass Mosaic Tiles – Gem stone glass mosaic tiles are extremely elegant and unique. The color of these gemstone glass mosaic tiles are blended into the glass in its molten state. This prevents the colors from fading away.

With today’s technology, there may be even more glass tile backsplash choices. Just take your time and don’t be overwhelmed with the available options. With all of the exciting colors and designs for a mosaic tile backsplash, it is absolutely tempting to select the first one you see. Have an open mind and take note of all the design possibilities you can apply into your backsplash. Also before beginning installation, make sure you have all your supplies and tools ready.