Benefits of Proper Glass Partitions and Their Types

When you are looking to maximize the use of your office, office partitions provide an exciting range of options. At ABBEY GLASS is specialize in commercial interiors and experience guarantees you always get the best results. Located in UK offer a comprehensive range of fit-out options that include office walls, partitions, renovations, refurbishments, shop fitting, detailed joinery, suspended ceilings, painting, plastering, tiling, electrical services, plumbing and air conditioning.

You will be amazed at the versatility of your office, glass partitions can simply be placed wherever you require them and instantly transform your environment. They can move walls, doors and windows to create space or enclose specific areas; and if privacy is not a priority with your office walls, partitions made from glass are an extremely stylish and space efficient solution.


When you need to maximize your office, glass wall partitions make all the difference.  With the specialized experience in commercial interiors, ABBEY GLASS meet your requirements every step of the way. They pride their-selves on high quality finishes and all work is carried out with absolute minimum disturbance to the day-to-day running of your business. If required, we even work outside of business hours. To ensure safety, all staff and contractors are trained in Workplace Health and Safety procedures before work commences. You will be amazed at the transformation our work delivers. Your new office will increase morale and productivity; marking your business with a true seal of professionalism.

If you are unsure how you want your office, glass partitions and doors to be arranged, their wealth of experience will help you find the optimum solution. They can offer a range of innovative ideas and approaches to achieve the exact result that you require. The expertise allows us to explore various methods such as right-angle partitions, curved partitions, half partitions and splayed wall partitions. There are no such office walls, partitions, doors or windows that they cannot manage and, through collaboration, you end up with a bespoke finish that suits your employees and business perfectly.

Designing an office is not an easy task. There are so many decisions to make. It’s almost always a conflict between functionality and aesthetics. Proper office partitions go a long way towards helping design a clutter free and efficient work area.

Cubicles have long been hailed as bland and representative of the “boring office life.” However, this need not be true, as there are innovative firms out there who are willing to put a bit of zing and aesthetics into their offerings. Office partitions with innovative designs, angles and materials can be of great help in minimizing sound from surrounding areas as well as increasing the ambiance of the most important space in your building.

In this blog, we analyze the various office partitions that are available and what their special features are. We select only the finest vendors to review and present you with an unbiased review of what their pros and cons are. Here you will find partitions to fit your budget, as well as your taste!

Remember – a good office partition design will have a subtle but significant effect on your workers productivity and will go a long way towards achieving employee satisfaction. On our site, you need never be starved for good options.

Folding Glass Walls

Folding glass walls are the latest in a range of products that are designed to maximize office space. Just like companies need to be flexible in their projects and their ability to reorganize their workforce, office rooms must accommodate these needs and should be flexible as well. To this end, folding walls allow a room to be quickly reorganized into several rooms or rework it so that either a larger or a smaller team will find it suitable. They are another example of various office partition walls.

folding glass walls

The amazing quality of folding walls is that they are completely soundproof. This makes them ideal for even closed door meetings and sensitive discussions. There are many different kinds of folding walls and some of them are designed to be folded and unfolded on a regular basis easily without any experience necessary. However, they suffer in their flexibility and must be guided along tracks that are placed either on the roof or the floor. Others can be placed anywhere but are a little more difficult to set up. The former are also known as sliding walls.

The walls are available in many materials such as glass, fabric or wood. We review various folding wall solutions here and keep you updated with the best manufacturers and the best sort of partitions for your needs.

Room Glass Partitions

When you need to create more space in an office to accommodate more people, it’s often easiest to employ room glass partitions. This is because though they’re temporary, in many instances they’re also indistinguishable from regular walls and don’t leave marks when they’re taken down. Room partitions make use of a wide range of technologies in order to do their job ranging from the simple stand up type to the ability to remain in place using air pressure.

glass partition room

A proper room partition will be completely soundproof, thereby proving to be a perfect isolator from the other room sections. Depending on the model, they can be combined with other components to create complex partitions that will suit your needs. When not in use, many partitions simply fold up like an accordion for easy storage. They come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate a wide variety of rooms. Even rooms where the floors are not on a level can be partitioned using room partitions with special features for this purpose.

The surface finish of the partitions can vary from wood, to leather and even glass. Depending on your preference they can be “tackable” – meaning that you can stick pins into them for the purpose of putting up notes and other such items. This blog will review various firms and products relating to room partitions and give advice as to which are best.

Cubicle Glass Walls

Cubicle glass walls are one of the most recognizable aspects of work life in the modern 21st century. The motivations for their creation were economy and functionality and those factors still hold weight after many years. However, cubicle walls have come to be looked on as boring and this view is merited in face of the facts. However, recently a great amount of attention is being drawn towards cubicle design that doesn’t have the dystopian “Dilbert” look and significant progress is being made in this area.

cubic glass walls

Several improvements can be made to the regular office cubicles without sacrificing the privacy that many office workers prize so much. In addition, cubicles have the unparalleled potential for customization. Since the walls are easily within reach and have hooks into which shelves can be attached, office workers can design their own little space in an efficient manner that suits their taste. In the past few years, companies like IBM have invested significant amounts into research on cubicle walls and how their design can be improved to aid worker productivity. This is still an evolving field and there are many innovations ahead that can dramatically change the way office spaces are designed. This blog will keep readers updated on the latest improvements.