How Shutters and Blinds can increase your Home Value?

Many home owners afraid to invest in home decoration and renovation but at the same time they want to increase the value of their property. So here we see how shutters, blinds and window shades could add the value to your houses at very reasonable cost. There are so many advantages you will start getting benefits from the day one. Let’s discuss each in detail.

1. Shutters:

Choosing custom wood shutters for your home means a lot more than just decorating your windows. Unlike other window treatments, shutters are a permanent improvement that can increase the aesthetics and value of your home. Plantation shutters add depth, warmth and beauty to any home.


Advantages of Shutters:

Aside from the enduring charm & elegance that plantation shutters could add to your home – shutters also offer many practical advantages as well.

Plantation shutters are fitted with louvers that can be adjusted to control sunlight. When the louvers are in the closed position shutters will darken the room and help lower the temperature when there is intense sun exposure. When the louvers are adjusted you are able to modulate sunlight to create just the right level of light and outside view in your room.

An investment in plantation shutters can immediately start paying for itself by lowering energy bills & increasing the energy efficiency of your home.

Shutters are also great for covering up defects in old windows or damaged windows to increase the structural and visual appeal of your home.

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2. Blinds:

Blinds have traditionally been a very popular choice in the world of window treatments. They are a bit more budget friendly than window treatment alternatives such as shades or shutters yet come in very wide array of colors and options to seamlessly blend with modern design trends and add beauty to your home or office.

Modern Window Treatments

Blinds could be a term often people sometimes loosely associate with a range or varying and distinct products such as shutters, roller blinds, roman blinds and more.

Blinds are available in many different functionalities, colors & materials. The typical blind made of fabric, iron, wood or plastic and can fit the window in vertical or horizontal slats.

3. Window Shades:

Window shades have become one of the most popular forms of windows treatments in the U.S.A today. These amazing products can provide some of the same characteristics as curtains yet offer a precisely controlled appearance that you would find in a window blind.

For the home owner who might find plantation shutters to be too much, or find curtains and blinds to be too busy – window shades can be the perfect solution.

Today’s modern window shades are both highly functional and highly sophisticated. They come in thousands of fabrics, textures and colors so they can be perfectly coordinated with your interior décor. They can even be motorized to adjust automatically or with the press of a button.

Modern Roman Shades

Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds use a “ladder” system to suspend the slats and allow the slats to be closed by rotating a drum. A lift cord is integrated which facilitates the blinds to being pulled fully up and vertically stacked – fully exposing the windows.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds typically use a wider slat and open by pulling the slats together into a stack on either one side or pulling the slats to either side of the window or door from the middle.

Vertical blinds allow the slats to be gradually rotated via a rotating shaft that is attached via a pulley system to the upper head rail housing of each slat.

Window blinds are traditionally operated manually but now window blinds can also be motorized for automation. Motorized blinds are operated via keypad, remote control or other computerized device. This can allow blinds to be easily operated in hard to reach places.

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