6 Upcycled Candle Gifts to Decorate your Home

Candles are the one gift that everyone loves to receive. Whether it’s the comforting ambiance of the flickering flame, or a familiar scent that reminds you of home, there’s something special about lighting a candle. And with so many different types to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right candle gifts for your friends and loved ones. Have no fear – we’re here to guide you through the process and find the perfect gift. Listed below are the most common types of candles to help you choose the right one for those on your gift list.

1. Upcycled Candles / Champagne Candles:

Champagne Candles is something really unique idea by CandleJack in which candles create from used luxury wine bottles. These Wine or champagne candles could be the perfect gift for your best friend or your close buddy who is beer lover. Wine Bottle Candles will enhance whatever space you place them in. They create an immediate, viscerally special and unique ambiance. Champagne candles use only first quality, organic soy wax that is pesticide, fragrance and chemical free. All candles has natural cotton and paper wicks to ensure the cleanest burning candles available on the market today. Wine bottle candles have an approximate burn time of almost 100 hours so while the price might seem high, the unique nature of our candles combined with such a long burn time provide a tremendous value.

You can find the big brand champagne bottles that are recycled to create beautiful decorated candles like Dom Perignon, Cristal champagne and many others. You can find more designs and shop them online at CandleJack easily.


2. Scented Candles

Scented candles are the type of candles that most people are familiar with. When lit, they fill your home with a beautiful fragrance that, in some cases, lingers for days. There are thousands of different fragrances to choose from.

From the fresh and clean scents of lemon and orange blossoms to the comforting scents of lavender and cinnamon, there are fragrances that match every mood and preference. The best part? Scented candles are available in every price range from under $10 to over $50, so they make great gifts for any occasion.

3. Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy candles are similar to scented candles in that they emit a wonderful fragrance when lit. However, the biggest difference between aromatherapy and simple scented candles is that aromatherapy candles are typically made with pure beeswax or soy and essential oils. These oils are used in the aromatherapy practice to evoke feelings of relaxation, enlightenment and calmness.

Scent is strongly tied to emotion, and aromatherapy is often use to help relieve anxiety, stress and many other ailments.

Aromatherapy Candles

Some of the most popular aromatherapy scents include:

  1. * Lavender – A calming scent that induces relaxation and relieves anxiety.
  2. * Jasmine – A soothing scent that relieves anger and improves confidence.
  3. * Spiced apple and cinnamon – Energizing scents that invigorate and reduce fatigue.
  4. * Orange and lemon – Fresh scents that help relieve stress and improve insomnia.

If that special someone in your life is going through a difficult time, an aromatherapy candle can help them enjoy some much-needed relaxation and stress relief.

4. Pillar Candles:

Pillar candles are freestanding, cylinder-shaped candles that come in all shapes and sizes. They can be scented, colored or even flameless. The right placement and grouping of pillar candles can create a very elegant, old world look that complements any home’s decor.

Most pillar candles come in sets of four with two tall candles and two smaller candles. However, you can also find sets with other size combinations, or you can purchase these candles individually. There are so many different options with these types of candles, which is why they make such popular gifts.

5. Jar Candles:

Jar candles make great gifts for any candle lover. These types of candles are typically scented and are presented in beautiful glass jars. They’re safer to burn and a large variety of jar types are available. Form rustic mason jars to hand painted, vase-like designs, there are so many different types of jars to choose from.

Some jar candles can be personalized to include your own message or the recipient’s name. Others are simple but elegant. With so many design and scent choices, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for any occasion.

Jar Candles

6. Flame less Candles:

Flame-less candles are battery powered and use LED lights to mimic the flickering flame of a true candle. While these candles may not produce a real flame, they’re safe to use and they never burn out. Flameless candles can be left on, unattended, without fear of starting a fire. And to keep your candle burning indefinitely, all you have to do is replace a set of batteries.

Flame less candles come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Scented versions are also available, and some sets come with remotes that allow you to turn your candles on and off at will. The great thing about these candles is that they’re affordable and built to last.

I hope you like these ideas. if I compare all these 6 candle ideas the number one is the winner because all others are common but the first one is really unique and in trends nowadays. So if you are planning to get some cool gifts for your buddy, I would recommend you to check the wine bottle candles again. Now its your tune to share this article with your friends and followers on all possible social sites like Facebook, google Plus and Pinterest. Stay with us for more unique home decoration ideas and tips. Take it easy!