Tips on High Pressure Washing and Cleaning Services

Water pressure cleaning is the kind of services nobody thinks about but are very high in demand across the Canada. These services often require specialized equipment to carry out heavy duty tasks. They can be conducted on either a small or large scale. Water pressure cleaners are available to consumers to help with difficult cleaning tasks like removing tough grit from vehicles, washing embedded dirt from carpets and so on. On an industrial and commercial scale, pressure cleaners have powerful motors and deliver high pressure to clean up buildings, remove paint and many other uses.

Pressure Washing Canada

What Is A High Water Pressure Cleaners Used For?

One of the most common uses of industrial cleaners is to remove old paint so a new coat can be applied. When buildings are larger, professionals usually use industrial abseiling equipment to move up and down between stories. Paint can be removed from walls with minimal damage to the structure. Another use of large scale pressure cleaning is roof maintenance. Growths and stains can accumulate on rooftops as a result of weather conditions like humidity. The best way to renew the appearance of a dilapidated roof is to use water pressure to clean it. Now if you’re from Vancouver and looking for outstanding pressure cleaning services, I would recommend you to explore pressure washing Vancouver first. I am damn sure you will not disappoint from their professional services. Now let’s move on to our next tip.

Cleaning  Gutters:

Cleaning out gutters is also a popular request especially by businesses. Debris easily gets caught and washed into gutters, which can cause blockages. By unblocking gutters with pressure cleaners, waste is safely washed away and companies save a lot of money by avoiding future damage.

Water pressure cleaners can also be used to clean decks, porches, factory floors, steps, parking lots and vehicles. Crime scene cleaners and other professional cleaning crews occasionally use pressure cleaning to remove substances from tar road.

What are The Types Of Water Pressure Cleaners?

Different kinds of cleaners are suited for different tasks. Electric cleaners are widely used and run on electricity. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, from factories to alleys. Another popular type is hot water cleaners. These cleaners give out hot and cold water. They are best used to break down and remove tough dirt.


To wash thick, stubborn substances from surfaces, professionals normally use petrol cleaners. These cleaners run on fuel and can deliver great results with minimal effort. Although powerful and more portable than its counterparts, it gives off dangerous fumes which can be harmful to your health and leave a footprint on the environment. Because of its gas-emitting nature, it is best to use outdoors or with protective gear indoors.

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Diesel cleaners are just as effective as those that run on petrol. They are also frequently used by industrial abseiling professionals to clean paint, stains and grime from buildings and many other areas.

What Should You Look For In A Water Pressure Cleaner?

The most important thing to consider when looking for a cleaner capable of taking on large scale jobs is its cleaning power. This capacity is measured in PSI or GPM. Professional types usually have 3000 to 4000 Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI) and can deliver up to 4 Gallons Per Minute (GPM). You should also look for one with a decent water flow rate and if it comes with the kind of nozzles you need to complete tough jobs.

Cleaners with electric fuel injection tend to work better than most and also those that are certified by the Pressure Washer Manufacturers Association.

High water pressure cleaning is the best way to tackle large scale cleaning jobs. Whether you run a cleaning company or you need cleaners for your maintenance department, always look for cleaners with superior PSI and GMP. A high quality cleaner can tear through the hardest substances and make difficult jobs quick and simple.