LED Lighting Types, Advantages and ways to Decorate your Home

Hi guys, this article is going to be a complete guide about LED lighting their types, advantages and ways to decorate your home interior and exterior. First of all we see how to choose LED lighting to decorate your home or office interiors, although there is no fixed rule but I create some principle to give you ideas in a simple and understandable way.

Selection of LED lights for Interior Rooms

Functional principles

Lighting styles and illumination applicable to room with different functions are different. Specifically, the living room should choose bright and gorgeous lighting. Bedroom suit soft lighting. children’s room shall choose colorful and lively lighting. simple waterproof lighting  is suitable for toilet.

Interior LED lights

Coordination principles

Lighting style should be consistent with its overall style of the room, the same room equipped with a variety of lamps should follow the color, style coherent principles.

Energy conservation principles

Energy-saving light bulbs is known as power saving, excellent illumination, less heat generated, etc., so the usage is very commercial. In addition, we should minimize the use of spotlights in the home, because most spotlights are not energy-saving products.

Currently, there are kinds of lighting fixtures with mixed quality, we inevitably are hard to choose the lamps suited. So, how to scientifically and rationally choose lighting fixtures?

When purchasing the lamps, we’d better give priority to the brand lighting companies whose improved system and regulatory processes has been relatively improved and detailed. The lamps manufactured by brand lighting companies tend to be strictly tested before being sold in the market, especially for the LED lights, if there is no strict regulatory process operation, there will be security risks, emitting the blue beyond the normal level, which eventually would hurt the eyes.

Second is to inspect the light color, the quality lighting emitted like the sun light during the day, giving off a comfortable light color, while the poor lighting fixtures will make sight muddy, there is always a sense of suffocating feel oppressed.

Third, the efficiency of light emission, that is, how much the brightness is generated by 1 watt, i.e. how many lumens generated by per watt, indicating the greater the lumens,generally speaking,the higher the brightness, the greater the power consumption, the more energy conservation. In addition, there is light decay for each lamp, which is used a burst of light levels will reduce human induced attenuation value is 70%, which means that the lamp will be dim,the attenuation value induced by human is 70% of the brightness, having been used daily for five hours, the light fades of the lamps with the ordinary brand down to 60% in about a year, while there would not decline so sharply in the light fades of lamps sold by the brand lighting companies.

Types of LED Lights

There are wide variety o of chandeliers, those for home lighting design are divided into single-head chandeliers and long chandelier, the former are mainly used for the bedroom, dining room; the latter should be installed in the living room. The height between the chandelier and ground should not be less than 2.2 meters. Be careful not to choose a chandelier with plating layer, which is easy to fade when being used for long time.


Floor lamp for home lighting design is often used as local lighting, which is very practical to create a corner. Now how to emi light is very flexible for floor lamp, if those projecting direct downward are for the activities including reading and others, if indirect lighting, it can adjust the overall light changes, creating the overall home space. Floor lamp shade should be below 1.8 meters above the ground.

There are rich variety of materials made from floor lamp shade, how to choose ais based on your preferences and decoration style.

There are several kinds of recessed lights,including downlights and ceiling light, and bovine lights. The purpose of recessed light is to save space and reduce space pressure. General nature of the direct lighting, the recessed lights designed for home lighting are often used in low space such as toilets, especially for general residential to achieve the effect of general illumination. In addition, the bovine lights can also be used in a display cabinet to focus on lighting.

The wall lamp is now widely use and full of creativity, particularly those matching with chandeliers are particularly suitable for bed and are pretty nicely decoration. Wall light is enjoying

a great popularity in the home improvement environment, it is a functional and decorative lamps which are good for the bedroom, bathroom lighting, the lamp should not be less than 1.8 meters above the ground.

Nothing is better than light tank designed with ceiling lighting. It is easy to install, the light reflected by the tank is very soft, which can achieve general lighting function. The biggest role is to be able toremodel outline of the entire home, so that the original dull space staggered by light and shadow is three-dimensional.

The table lamp is is essential lamp for home lighting design. Table lamp classified by function are decorative table lamp, working table lamp and eye protection table lamp.Decorative table lamp is generally for living room, bedroom, etc., table, the energy-saving eye protection table lamp is exclusively for studying and working. Functional table lamp has been fading because of a wide variety of lighting flooding, on the contrary, the decorative LED table lamp is more and more popular.

Advantages of LED Lighting

  • 1. energy efficient – that LED lights can save up to 4% energy over standard halogen bulbs lighting..
  • 2. Durable – 50,000 hours is a theoretical data,under realistic conditions,there is no doubt that that none of manufacturer can produce LED lighting fixtures with such a long-lifespan, moreover,generally in excellent thermal performance and adapt to the working environment, lifespan of LED lighting products is basically 20,000 to 30,000 hours,which can last up to 1 times longer than conventional incandescent bulbs and halogen lamps.
  • 3. Environmental protection –it is extremely irresponsible to say that LED lamps do not contain mercury and other heavy metals,disappointingly, more than other lamps, but LED solid-state technology can indeed save energy and reduce energy consumption, it is also environmentally friendly.
  • 4. Security –no matter what lighting fixture work,they Inevitably accumulate heat which makes a serious impact on lifespan of the lamp even lead to a fire,not to mention LED lights as a new lighting fixture, LED lamp uses special LED chip technology with low junction temperature and thermal conduction cooling, etc., as opposed to traditional lamps, the advantage of cooling technology needs to be improved, not obvious.
  • 5.  Select-able colors – RGB(Red/Green/Blue) available,that’s the unique advantage of LED light, which is not applicable to general halogen bulbs or incandescent and fluorescent lamps,LED lamps with many colors of the spectrum are available.
  • 6. Affordable – that’s a amazing benefits you deserve, the costs in maintenance and replacement of lighting fixture and electricity savings would be an objective of expenditure despite the initial investment in purchasing in LED lighting fixture is more than conventional lighting bulbs.