Real Tips on Installing Hardwood Floors

Wooden flooring looks absolutely extravagant within a home and can lend it a real sense of character. However it isn’t very ‘green’ to do. So if you are looking into a wood floor project, why not look into the idea of reclaimed hardwood flooring? Let’s take a little look at what this all about.

Why Hardwood Flooring:

Firstly, what is flooring from reclaimed wood? Well, it is made from wood that has been salvaged from old buildings and other sources. Put simply this is wood that is no longer needed, mainly down to the demolition of old buildings. Instead of being sent to a landfill or be burned it is instead reprocessed to create hardwood flooring for use in homes.

Installing Hardwood Floors

Benefits of Professional Floors Installation:

One of the major benefits of reclaimed hardwood flooring is that it can be seen as ‘green’. Since the wood isn’t sent to a landfill or burned it will not be polluting the environment and thus you can feel good about yourself when you have plank flooring that is reclaimed installed in your household. Basically, this provides a way for wood to ‘live on’ even though the building has long gone. In addition to this, fewer trees will need to be cut down to build flooring which thus helps the environment a little bit more. If you are from Vancouver and looking for floor installation services I would recommend you to get services from flooring installers Vancouver because they are highly professional floor installers in the area and you will not disappoint from their affordable and professional services. Feel free to ask any question and explore their site to see real examples and their services.

One of the main reasons as to why people opt for reclaimed flooring however isn’t due to the ‘green nature’ of the process. It is down to the fact that the wood is often a much better quality, particularly when it has come from a building built in the 1800’s or 1900’s. The manufacturing processes back then were much more refined which resulted in a better quality end product. Normal hardwood flooring nowadays is built to a cost and is subject to mass production which brings down the quality. One of the main reasons for this is that nowadays trees are not given the chance to ‘grow’ and thus be in a position where they can be used to created quality boards.

Floor Installation Contractors

Before hardwood flooring that is reclaimed is installed in buildings, it needs to be processed. A specialist flooring manufacturer will inspect each and every board to ensure that there are no sharp objects such as nails or bolts still within the wood. If there is then it will be removed. The next stage will then involve sawing the wood down into boards. The wood is then dried to eliminate moisture before it is cut into a ‘tongue and groove’ pattern so that it can be installed in homes.

If you have this type of hardwood flooring installed in your home you will be in awe at the amount of character that the wood has. The color is absolutely stunning and you would never in a million years find this in flooring manufactured from new wood. It really helps to add a whole new dimension to your home.

If you want to not only help the environment but end up with flooring that can transform your home then the only option is reclaimed hardwood flooring.