5 Must Have Corner Furniture Ideas for your Home

We seem to be a society that collects a lot of stuff, so we have to learn to wisely use all the available space. So it is not surprising that there has been an increase in the number of furniture units that are designed to fit in the corner. The corner furniture includes corner desks, corner plant stands, corner cabinets, decoration pieces, corner electric fireplaces, corner hutches, corner entertainment centers and sectional sofas that fit nicely where two walls come together. Our homes have many corners, so we might as well make the most of them. I know that I have a few stacks of stuff in a few of my corners, and it would be great to make better use of them than just a pile of junk. In this post we will discuss many various types of furniture that fits into the corner but I recommend you to check Corner Furniture to see real examples and also you can get the best one for your home.

Now without wasting a moment, let’s start:

1. Corner Desks:

Good thing about the corner desk that you don’t need to worry about the space, you can easily find the suitable corner desk for every type of available space. If you have a small room, still you can get tables that fits in your desired location. Corner tables can be used for different purposes like study, for placing computer, books or other household things. You can also place decoration pieces on the corner desk. In hostels and workplaces, people use it as dining table too. These desks are available in different shapes and sizes.

Corner desk

2. Corner Curio Cabinet

Having a minibar is a great way of entertaining guests today. With a corner Curio cabinet neatly placed in your house, you will not fail to make a decent lasting impression. Other than the looks, the convenience of having all other accessories in one place makes a Curio cabinet a necessity in any modern room.

Considerations when looking for the best Curio cabinet plans

  • Compare the space you have to the dimensions of the cabinet
  • Ensure that there is enough room in the cabinet to place essential additional supplies like openers
  • Check the height of the cabinet bearing in mind that the standard height is between 40 and 42 inches
  • For space saving choose an expandable bar which is foldable
  • Select the right finish that goes well with your home décor Remember that a classical finish is bound to be more durable


Different types of Curio cabinet ideas

If you opt for semi custom cabinets you might need a number of plans that will bring out the theme and style of the room. You simply get online, select a few plans and have a designer model it into something real and exciting that meets your expectation.

An impressive Curio plan online is the Italian Replica Globe bar. The cabinet is a portable bar that is designed in the shape of a globe on the upper compartment and can carry up to 12 bottles on the lower compartment which provides extra storage space. The cabinet with a height of 36” is a perfect gift for a loved one. The small and compact nature of portable Curio cabinets make them perfect for an office setting.

3. Corner Plant Stands

Both indoor and outdoor plants can be place in corners with the help of plan stands. These stands may or may not need support of walls. In addition, there are many different types of corner plants available in the market. Few of them are given below:

corner plant stands

  • Box Stands

Box stands are not lightweight or easy to move.  They are, however, very good stands to use.  This type stand can be put just about anywhere, on right away, food plots, fields, or in the woods.  When I take my son for hunting, we use the box blind, which allows for more room than the other tree stands.  As most hunters know, kids cannot be still or very quiet so the box stand comes in handy.  These stands give you a good concealment as well as keep you warm and dry when it is raining or cold outside. Also for indoor planting, these stands can easily place on corners.

  • Tripod Tree Stands

Tripods are mainly used in areas where other tree stands won’t work.  Mainly because there is a lack of trees or cover to place the other types of stands.  I have used tripod stands in CRP fields and on food plots, however, these aren’t the only places they can be used.

  • Ladder Tree Stands

Ladder tree stands are relatively easy to install and use. A one man ladder stand is smaller and doesn’t weigh as much.  Ladder tree stands are designed with a ladder attached to the bottom of the platform (sitting and standing area).  These stands are sold in different heights and widths.  Depending on how high you want to hunt will depend on the make and model you will want to purchase.

To install a ladder tree stand, you need to find a good location to place it but corners are best to install these stands.

  • Hang-On Tree Stands

Many house owners use hang-on tree stands these days. They have several benefits that attract guests. You do not have to have a straight tree to hang these stands. The number of limbs does not matter either because we do not use its limbs to stand trees on it.

4. Corner Electric Fireplaces

Everybody enjoys a cozy and warm fireplace in their living rooms. However, they might seem a bit dangerous for those who are careless or ignorant. It can eliminate in the air toxic waste or it can burn down your entire home if you don’t pay close attention to it. Due to its portability, an electric fireplace is adjustable to any corner of your room. You can move it anywhere you like and create the perfect environment for you and your family. Enjoy a perfect room temperature and stay away from the rough, cold winter weather.

corner electrical fireplace


Now I explained all main features of corner furniture and now it is your turn to give us feedback about this post and do share it with your friends and relatives who are going to replace their home furniture. Tell them benefits of Corner Furniture. Share using your social profiles like Facebook, WhatsApp etc. Stay with us for more decoration ideas and updates. Cheers: )