Modern Christmas Trees & Tips to Decorate Your Home

When coming to buy a Christmas tree you need to decide if you want to buy a real Christmas tree or an artificial tree. If your going to buy a real Christmas tree I don’t blame you they do look lovely and over the years I’ve had a few but I do find that they can be messy with needle drop which is okay if you have a wooden floor but if you have a carpet then be prepared to pick out needles for months to come.

The alternative is to buy an artificial Christmas tree, again there are two types, unlit and pre lit Christmas trees.

Unlit trees require you to add your own lights of your chose to make your tree look festive but they do have some problems like if a bulb blows you have to go through them all to find the duff one and they for some unknown reason always blow at the worst possible time, not to mention the wires getting tangled even though you carefully put them away last Christmas.


The good thing about an unlit artificial Christmas tree is that you can choose the types of Christmas lights and how many lights that you want to drape over you tree. If you are going to be buying a new unlit Christmas tree this year have a look in our ModernChristmasTrees were you will finds bundles of trees and Christmas tree lights for your festive home.

There is another option that’s available and that’s the pre lit Christmas tree which is so simple to use and looks stunning. So easy, just open the box take out tree put together pull out branches and plug in and the jobs done and ready to decorate with tinsel and baubles. I bought a fiber optic Christmas tree last year after going to look for some Christmas tree lights. I spotted a selection of fiber optic trees and was mesmerized with the way the changed color and with lots of different settings to set the mood I had to buy one and I’m glad I did with lots of compliments from friends and family. There are plenty to choose from in online stores to suit all budgets with all shapes and sizes and colors from the traditional green or white, blue, pink, or black Christmas trees there’s bound to be something there for you.

Decoration of your Christmas Tree

Everybody has their own way to decorate their Christmas tree so it is impossible for me to tell you how to decorate yours. I can offer a few tips though and the first one depends on what type of Christmas tree you have. If you prefer a real tree then you will need to support it well with a tree stand and do not forget to water it well throughout the festive season. With a real tree you might also find that the branches bend if you hang heavy decorations on them so try to hang them higher up the tree were the branches are shorter and stronger.


Colored Lights:

First thing to add is your fairy lights whether it’s a real tree or an artificial one the same applies, unless you have bought a pre lit Christmas tree where the lights are already installed the same goes for fiber optic Christmas trees. You can add as many sets of lights that are needed to get the desired result. Using multi- function lights that flash and flicker is a good option or maybe a single color might have the look that you prefer. I have seen white trees with blue baubles and blue lights that look amazing and green trees covered in every color baubles and tinsel under the sun with flashing colored lights that look equally good.

Colored Beads:

Next to be added to your tree is the tinsel or colored beads that you can drape around the tree. You can go with a single color design with matching baubles or a multi-colored one that you can hang a whole host of different baubles. There are plenty of decorations that you can hang from your branches from the traditional wooden type and red bows to the ultra-modern baubles and plenty in between. Each of these options look great and it is all down to your preference.

The best part is that all the beautiful Modern Christmas Trees designs are built to last for many years of enjoyment. 



Each Modern Christmas Tree is constructed of durable and lightweight acrylic. The tree is offered in a choice of Ruby Red, Emerald Green, Crystal Clear, Pearl White, and Sapphire Blue and in available in three different sizes Large, a Half tree that hands on the wall, and Small tabletop Jubilee. Also included with each tree is an LED light, rotating mirror ball, ornament options and installation kit.

Prices range from $599 – $799, available at ModernChristmasTrees. In addition to visiting the website, you can keep in the loop by following the brand on PinterestTwitterInstagram, and Facebook.

A tree skirt looks great and hides the tree stand and plenty of presents at the base of your Christmas tree finishes of the bottom. The last thing to do is at the top of the tree, you can choose from a traditional star or an angelic angel that will look down at you throughout the festive season, again this is all down to your preference. When you have fully decorated your tree all that is left to do is turn of your room lights turn on the Christmas tree lights and admire your handiwork. Whichever way you decorate your tree this year we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.