All About Rustic Pendant Lights

Today, pendant lights are increasingly becoming popular and have become the lighting choice for many households. This is mainly attributed to the many advantaged that are offered by these lights. A pendant light is one that is known to hang from the ceiling and is said to have got its name from the pendant necklace. It has been stated that these lights got their name because of their resemblance to the shape of pendant necklaces. A pendant light is also commonly known as a swag light, because of the way it hangs off the ceiling.


Difference Between Pendant Light & Chandeliers

Many people have been known to confuse pendant lights with chandeliers, but it is essential to note that the two are different. The most notable difference between a pendant light and a chandelier is that the latter uses several light bulbs, while the former uses only one light bulb. In addition, chandeliers are often more stylish than pendant lights, since the latter seem to lean more towards designs that are streamlined.

Advantages of Rustic Pendant lights:

The biggest advantage offered by rustic pendant lights is that they tend to give off more light. These lights are often suspended from the ceiling, thus, providing a big pool of light. They are known to give off more light than ordinary lamps, because of the fact that they are often directed down. This is commonly referred to as task lighting and this is why they are used in large homes, working desks and eating places among others. Rustic pendant lights are ideal for places that require lots of light. In addition, since these lights are suspended from the ceiling, they are also ideal for high ceilings. In most cases, pendant lights are suspended from a cord, which then helps to bring the light down to the room, even if the ceiling is so high.

Suitable Places for Black Pendant Lighting:

It is a fact that most home designs are essentially the same, especially when it comes to the ceiling. There are very few ways of decorating a ceiling, but home owners add value to their ceilings through black pendant lights. The lights, therefore, help to break the ceiling monotony and give it a unique look. As has been noted, these lights are suspended from the ceiling, and are, therefore, ideal for all kinds of areas. They do not take up any space in the room and do not require to be placed on any surfaces. It is for this reason that the light are considered ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and work environments alike.

rustic lights for kitchen

Size and Colors

The best thing about having a pendant light in your home is that you can choose its size and color. This kind of lighting is known to be soft and can be made in a way that it fits the rest of the decor in the area. The light can be got in colors suitable for different environments. In this regard, the light can be used to divide up a large space for various uses, by indicating which space is to be used for a particular purpose.

The light comes with a white cord that is about fifteen feet long and has a standard plug. It also has a laser cut brass plated steel which is non-tarnishing. This pendant light is packed flat in a large display envelop and can be assembled and shaped in various ways. The fact that the light can is flexible enough to assemble into various shapes and ways is added advantage, since it makes the light unique in every sense of the word. Therefore, even if you buy the same light for different rooms in your house, it is possible to make it look different in each of these rooms, thus, breaking the monotony.

The lamp has floral, delicate patterns, which help to decorate your ceiling. Therefore, for people with plain ceilings, this pendant light will give you all the decoration you require. As has been stated, the lamp comes with a fifteen foot long cord, which makes it ideal for all kinds of ceilings. In other words, even if your ceiling is so high, the lamp will help bring enough light to the room. Pendant lights are known for their ability to flood rooms with lots of light and this lamp is no different, because it offers light that is both bright and charming at the same time.

Why Pendant Lighting is A Must for Any House

Pendant lighting is comparatively a baby in respect to other type of lights in the same category starting from the Huge Chandeliers. Actually if history is right, Pendant lights came into existence just as a useful substitute but a less detailed version of Chandeliers with almost same features and functionality. In fact it derived its name from pendant, a jewelry accessory. Its typical history dates back to 2700 B.C. It started with hanging lamps of clay with light given by an animal fat burn which was the way Greeks devised. As the time past, clay lamps were replaced by Glass. In the 80’s, European pendants began to appear with exclusive use of glass designs as pendants with attractive shades.

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