Install Custom Roman Shades Easily – Modern Window Treatments

Most traditional Roman shades function with a set of cords that allow you to raise and lower the folds of your shade. Modern design and technology, however, has created even more control options for these elegant window treatments. While some Roman shades still feature loose cord controls, others have options for continuous cord loops or “top down bottom up” features.

Modern Roman Shades

Installation of Roman Shades & its Control Options

Most of the people think that installation of Roman shades is very difficult task and charge customers very highly but if you find some very professional you will get it in seconds. Usually in custom roman shades, conventional cords and strings provide a traditional look but can often create messy pools of cords at the base of the shade or potentially cause hazardous conditions in homes with small children or pets. As a result, some manufacturers created Roman shades with continuous cord loops. These looping cords feed back into the head-rail and maintain a consistent length no matter the height of your Roman shades. Continuous cord loops also create a sleek look to your window treatments and never pool or tangle at the base. While this can appeal to homeowners who want a cleaner look to their Roman shades, this option is particularly important for individuals who are concerned about safety. if you still think, it is a difficult or technical work and want to install it in seconds, I would recommend you to check next generation roman shades, I am sure you will not be disappoint.

Modern Window Treatments

The “top down bottom up” feature is a popular choice in other types of modern window shades and is now available with Roman shades. This dual action shade allows you to either raise the blind from the bottom or lower the shades from the top. The “top down bottom up” can function just like a traditional roman shade but this feature also allows you to lower the head-rail. By being able to either raise the bottom or lower the top, you can easily manipulate your custom Roman shades to create precise shading. This feature is especially important if you want to block direct sunlight in the earlier or later parts of the day without blocking the window completely.

Always consider your light and safety requirements prior to determining the type of roman shades control option that would work best for you.

Roman Shades Color & Fabric Options

Roman shades are made exclusively from fabric and provide unlimited potential for design and decoration. Patterns and light filtering weaves are great options for light and specialized décor while darker and lined Roman shades give you greater control over light and privacy. Manufacturers have created ranges in colors, fabric weaves, and designs that give you opportunities to mix your light requirements with your decoration needs.

Modern Window Treatments

Roman Shades Patterns, Weaves and Colors

Roman shades are available in patterns, weaves, and a wide range of colors to match almost any decor. Patterns give you options in matching these Roman shades with other upholstery in your home. With delicate weaves and patterns, Roman Shades let you mix and match fabrics much like you would do with conventional drapes. Different size weaves give you greater control over incoming light as well. With tighter weaves you can block light during the day and maximize privacy at night. Looser weaves have light diffusing properties and allow you to block bright sunlight during the day while still letting in natural light.

Light and Dark Color Patterns in Modern Roman Shades

Weaves and patterns come in neutral, light, and dark color options for fabrics. No matter what pattern or weave you choose, remember that darker colors will always make your room look darker while lighter colors will help keep your room light. Some Roman Shades manufactures give you options of adding liners, an additional layer of fabric on the window side of the Roman shade that helps block light even further and maximize room darkening. Despite the color of fabric you choose for the interior color, adding a liner will always block more light and create ideal conditions for minimizing natural light while providing the greatest degree of privacy.

Keep in mind that the type of roman shades you want (flat, traditional, or relaxed) may dictate your options for color and patterns. If color and design are more important than fold options for your Roman shades, you may want to consider researching each manufactures fabric options prior to settling on a style. On the other hand, if you are looking for the specific look and feel of a Roman shade but are open to options in colors, look for brands that match your style preference and browse their color selection.