6 Differences between Quartz and Quartzite Countertops

Both Quartz and Quartzite are very famous types of countertops. But these are not same in terms of their material. Many people when thinking about their kitchen counter tops they consider both Quartz and Quartzite countertops and and feel confusion on which to choose for their home. Today in this post I will tell you that both are different things and compare their differences in terms of their appearance, durability and hardness, maintenance and prices etc. that help you to choose the best suited counter-tops material for your house.

Comparison of Quartz and Quartzite:


Quartz counter tops are also known engineered-countertops because of their fabricated material extracted from natural silicon-dioxide and artificial materials. Loosing quartz makes it about 90% of material. That is blend with binder & pigment to form into countertops. Due to this reason these are much stronger than Quartzite countertops. These counter-tops can bear very high temperature nearly up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

quartz countertops


Quartzite is developing metamorphic rock and roll in a natural way. It really is manufactured when sandstones are put through extremely high temperature & pressure caused due to tectonic-plate compression on crust of the earth. The natural stone is converted into slabs that are later accurately minimize to be counter tops. These tops are then polished & then sealed for more strength and beauty. The process of getting quartzite makes it harder than quartz. It can also withstand at high temperature.



It can’t say which one is more beautiful, elegant and attractive in terms of their design because it depends on your choice and house theme. But both have their own texture and colors.

Quartzite can be available in white and grey colors normally and because of the presence of chemical iron-oxide is in the stone, it also has hues of red and pinkish colors. Due to minerals it also has green, orange, blue and yellow colors. These colors and making, polishing made it beautiful and perfect for any theme kitchen.

On the other hand, Quartz has wide range in colors and shades because many pigments can be mixed in it. Mostly it looks like natural marble and granite styles and colors.

Durability and Hardness:

Both quartz and quartzite are hard but quartzite is even more harder than the granite stone and therefore more durable than quartz. It also stay in its shape at very high temperature too that make it perfect for every type of kitchen. On the other hand, Quartz could also be durable in terms of flexibility. But still I would recommend you to use cutting boards because both could get scratches with sharp blades.

Which one is easy to maintain?

Quartz is easy in terms of maintenance. It can be cleaned with any piece moist cloth. Abrasive cleansers ought never to be utilized on quartz, plus they are not needed. Maintenance is one of the key advantage of quartz counter tops over Quartzite counter-tops.

Prices Comparison:

Prices are of both type of countertops are almost same. Also price depend on the quality of material. In some complex cases Quartzite is more costly than quartz. Prices also depends on the area but approximately from $60-$100 per sq foot.

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