What Should you do After a Fire occurs in your Home

Fire damage is very hazardous and can destroy the entire house in no time. Restoring the belongings and the property that have caught fire is a very tedious job. Fire damage restoration requires identifying and also neutralizing the dangerous chemicals that are left behind due the fire.  Fire and the smoke produced by it can cause serious health hazards. Fire causes smoke which releases harmful toxins into the air, which when inhaled can lead to long term health complications. Hence fire restoration is not an easy job that can be done by any beginners or inexperienced professionals. It can be done only by experienced and professional fire damage restoration experts.

Fire damage can be severe and leave behind residues and other potential hazards. Checking your damaged home should be done by fire damage professionals to survey the whole area. You and your fire damage professional can re-enter your home with a mask, gloves and goggles and examine if the area is stable. You should be cautious about loose wires or poles that may pose danger.


After entering your home, you should shut any electrical source immediately so that no surges occur. You can also document and photograph damaged items for information purposes. Home insurance companies need this data to be aware of the extent of damage done in your house and a restoration company has will need the data to estimate and outline construction requirements.

After Fire, Eliminate Mold from Home to avoid Serious Health Risks:

Mold is found almost everyplace of our house even interior and exterior parts. After fire damage you will notice mold is one of the cause of spreading fire and it should be cleaned after fire. Mold has many side effects. It created smells in your house and cause of toxic eliminations that are very harmful for human body. Especially for kids, pregnant women and other people with sensitive skins. Therefore, after a fire occurs in your home, make sure you eliminate the mold from your home completely. Because mold can cause serious health risks to you and your family if it isn’t taken care of immediately and correctly.

Bad Odor Removal after Fire Damage:

Bad odor issues occur after fire damage due to smoke and other damaged soot. Most of odor can be removed by eliminating damaged material from home and replaced it with repaired or new one but still if you smell bad odor than do a professional inspection of your home. Most of the time this smell is because of reaming molds that hidden different places of your home. You can check following places to find molds and eliminate it immediately to avoid serious health issues and to get rid from the bad burning odor.

Surfaces to Find Mold:

  • Shower Curtains / Stalls / Tiles
  • Window Frames / Moldings
  • Refrigerator / Freezer Seals
  • Air Conditioner / Humidifier Surfaces / Nearby Surfaces
  • Flooring around Toilet / Sinks / Tubs
  • Underneath Carpet / In Cabinets / Behind Wallpaper

Dangerous mold can reproduce in dark and damp places in the home, and spread throughout the house when the spores become airborne. Because of that, mold testing is essential to ensure that the household is free from any active mold colony that is often challenging to detect. In fact, many homeowners are unaware that mold is in the house, because it often grows behind walls, under flooring, in the attic, in the basement, or other areas that are not seen or visited often.

In addition, you can hire some experienced team that will use industrial grade chemicals as a way to treat the mold, to ensure that any future colony cannot grow. They will often fix any source of water that might be causing mold growth, and seal any affected area to minimize the potential of future mold contamination. Next, they will disinfect and dry all moldy services and construct a thorough inspection to fully assess any dangers of existing colonies of mold.