Uplifting the Plants in your Home with a Modern Stand

Did you know that plant stands could be so versatile and decorative that not only plants put them to use now? In fact, modern plant stands that are nicely fashioned happen to be perfect to showcase additional items if you ever run out of space on shelving or mantles.

Decorative Plant Stands That Will Make Your Home Stand Out

If your house lack decoration an indoor plant mounted on plant stand is a nice thing to have. The stand itself will serve as the decoration especially if you have the decorative type one and the plants will serve as your centerpieces. This will not only give body to an empty space of your house but also complements and protects your beautiful sensitive plants. Available in different styles, size and make, you can choose from the traditional decorative wrought iron or metal plant stand, classic bronze or gold plated and wooden or oak indoor plant stand.

The appeal that comes with both artificial and living plants tends to get improved whenever they are placed on pretty plant stands. Unlike living plants, however, silk ones can give you the chance to truly enjoy greenery without having to worry about watering them all the time. Such artificial plants need to have decorative plant stands that will add more character to them, though.

wooden stand

Five Rules To Improving Your Home’s Look With Plant Stands

Regardless if you have plans on placing plants or pictures inside your plant stands, you have to keep several important rules in mind whenever you want to pick one out. You should remember that the stand is meant to improve anything you place into it. Therefore, the ideal plant stand should be readily available, making it easier for you to prove a point with your gorgeous greenery and your plant stand at the same time.

  • Plant Size

You also have to think about exactly what the plant stand will support. Take the plant proportions in relation to the plant stand into careful consideration in order to maintain a great balance. You need to reconsider matching overpowering and heavy stands with decorative and small plants as well.

  • Color

Color is another thing you need to consider. It would be important to consider the plant flowers’ colors that you will display at all times. Natural tones or complementary colors need to be taken into consideration whenever buying plant stands.

  • Size of Pot

Size would also be essential. Ensure that plant pots fit onto the stand tops at all times and that the stand tops are a bit bigger compared to the containers to give you a more attractive, not to mention stable stand.

  • Weight of Plant

To make plant stands stay upright the whole time, you simply need a level and solid floor. Also, whenever you display large or heavy items, you need to ensure that the stand can actually support the overall weight while staying appropriate to the flooring.

  • Showcase: Designs, Styles and Sizes

Showcase your home’s style with decorative plant stands today. No matter how small, these stands can express your creativity in a prominent way.

Purpose-built plant stands indoors would be a good way to showcase your gorgeous plants. Made out of various materials and in different styles and designs – from basic minimalist looks to completely ornate iron – there are styles nowadays to suit anybody’s taste. The majority of stands, however, are usually built to match smaller plants perfectly.

Here I am going to show you some modern plant stands with some of their features:

1. Modern Mid Century Plant Stand

modern mid century wooden plant stand

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  • MID-CENTURY MODERN DESIGN – minimalist style for a classic stand to display your plants beautifully
  • ADJUSTABLE – expand the width to fit any pot sized from 9 to 12 inches as your plant grows with you
  • REVERSIBLE – can be flipped either way to contrast the legs with a variety of different pot heights
  • VERSATILE STAND – does NOT include pot or plants from images. Showcase and complement your favorites

2. Iron Hanging Wall Shelf

iron hanging wall stand

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  • Installation Type: Hook Type
  • Material of stand: Iron Metal + Wood

3. Ceramic Planter Set (Set of three stands)

Planetr set

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  • It is set of three stands
  • Available in 3 colors: White, Black and Gold
  • Made up of : Porcelain ceramic & Iron

One stand made to perfectly fit on sunny windows or bench tops inside the kitchen would be the perfect plant stand for herbs that are used in cooking since they will make for delicious add-ons with instant access to your food. This type of use would need smaller stands; however, bigger versions could also be quite helpful outdoors.

If you wish to produce a natural and restful atmosphere inside your home, plant stands indoors would be perfect since they can help you arrange plants to get the look and feel that you want for your home. They even make the chore of changing out plants much easier since smaller stands can accommodate various plants while being easy to move into the garden. Check out local stores or any stores with garden supplies to see their available range. Conversely, you can shop for plant stands on the internet just by searching on various search engines.

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