Sass Side Tables – New Addition to Interior Furniture

There are all kinds of fancy side tables in furniture shops nowadays but if you really want to add some sparkle to your room, Sass side tables are for you. These tables will not only look great in your bedroom but they can also make your room look bigger and much brighter than before. You could even add some candles in your design for increased ambiance and romantic feel.

The number of tables that should be placed in a room depends on the atmosphere that you want to create and the design of the room that they will be placed in. For instance, if you have a big bedroom with a bed in the middle of the room, you could buy two or set of three Sass side tables and place them on each side of the bed. A Sass table can also be used to brighten up a dark corner in your room.

sass side tables

What actually Sass Side Tables are?

The Sass Dining Tables derives its name from the master of Post Modern Design, Ettorre Sottsass. Stacked wooden discs are finished in black, white, or clear and topped with a honed Carrara marble surface. Graphic, and sculptural, the Sass Tables are sure to make a bold statement in any interior. Shown is the Medium Base with a 47″ Carrara Marble surface.

  • Design Country: USA
  • Material: Carrara Marble, Ash, Steel

Where to Buy and Prices:

Sass furniture in not easy to find in local furniture shops but there are plenty of online retailers such as SoudaSouda that sell it in different shapes and sizes. Sass Side tables can be really expensive, the usual price is between 1200$ and 3000$ but you could always look for cheaper discounted furniture on various websites.

Maintaining the Furniture:

Although sass bedside tables are great to brighten up small rooms, they require extra maintenance. If you want your table to look new and shine all the time you will have to clean it regularly. There are special cleaners available for this purpose in any furniture shop but they are not mandatory. Simply wiping the table with a clean duster will do the job. Also, avoid rough scrubbing cleaners since glass is easily damageable.

The elegant feel:

The addition of Sass side tables creates classic feel that enhances your bed, decor and furniture. Black furniture should either dominate or add accents to the decor. Choosing the best side table is not easy, therefore, you should consider a few but important details in order to give balance to the room, and fit in with everything else. You can look into many designs, styles and shapes in the internet to give you an idea of your bedroom will look like after marking your selection.

Availability of Styles and Sizes:

Sass side tables come in a variety of sizes and styles. From modern to classic designs, the choice is endless. Many expert advice about choosing bedside table that are lower than the bed allows easy access the things you need and also aesthetically to provide balance. Many contemporary and traditional styles are available online. There are virtually every side table options for any bedroom. If you have a larger space on the either side of the bed, you can have two side tables.

The sass side table add warmth and elegance to any bedroom. With a little research on decors and design over the internet or magazines, you will likely get good advice. I am sure you get honest advice from me and you love this unique furniture. If you like this table, please share it with your friends on Instagram, Facebook and via WhatsApp. Stay tuned for regular home decor ideas. 🙂