ThermHAL – A Perfect Energy Cost Saving Device for Water Heaters

Are you tired of your inefficient water heater which increases your electricity bills at a great extent?

Well, everyone is tired of their water heater because the water heaters haven’t changed much, they come with the same old technology which keeps the heater running throughout the day. An average household uses water only for 2-3 hours a day but the water is constantly heated throughout the day.

Now to save you huge amounts of money in the form of reduced electricity bills, ThermHAL comes to the rescue. It is a DIY method of making your water heater efficient. It converts the same old water heater into an advanced water heater which is smart, automated and even energy-saving. ThermHAL is a perfect energy cost savings device for water heaters and can be beneficial for you in many ways that we are going to discuss in this article.

This device is made for all the people who have an old and inefficient, high energy consuming water heater. Whether they are homeowners, renters, vacation home owners, or even property managers.

Energy Cost Savings Device for Water Heaters

Have you ever imagined an empty house where everyone is out and busy, trying to get their work done? Even then, the water heater keeps running and it keeps consuming energy. So, ThermHAL comes in handy at this point because it basically turns off the water heater in the low demand hours and turns it back on during the peak demand hours. All the family members may need to use water in the morning, while during the noon nobody may be home, so at noon, ThermHAL will turn off the water heater providing you an opportunity to save on your electricity bills.

The best thing about this is device is that even after turning off the water heater, you will still have a hot pot of water ready to be consumed unless you drain the water heater. So, in case of emergency, if you needed some water, the hot water will be ready for you.

Benefits of ThermHAL

Some of the benefits of ThermHAL are as follow:

  1. This device has the ability to save energy and it also reduces the fuel cost of heaters run by electricity, gas or propane.
  2. The water heater non-cycles during the non-use hours which extends the durability and the lifetime of the water heater.
  3. It has a positive effect on the environment as it reduces the overall carbon emissions by reducing the using hours.
  4. Incase of water breach, it alerts the user so that overflooding can be avoided.
  5. You can have an access to this device from anywhere.

How ThermHAL works

The basic design of all the water heaters is same, which is why, this device can work on any kind of water and prevent it from running every minute of the day. So, stop your water heating from consuming energy all day when the hot water is used only 2-3 hours a day. With the help of this smartphone app, you can have access to the control of the water heater. Due to which, you can reduce the running hours, save fuel cost, and even save energy. This way, you are saving money and even making a positive impact towards the environment.

ThermHAL works with two of its most important components, these components include the sensor cable and the water detector. People might worry that they will have to keeping interfering with the installation of this device but there is nothing to worry because it is an automatic process which is quite smooth. So, you won’t have to make changes in the settings but the option is always open.

Tracking of Time

Since it is a mart device, it keeps track of the times when you use the water heater and when you don’t. This way, it makes sure that the water is hot when needed. Also, it has an efficient communication with your smart phone with which it determines the time in which you will be home so the water is hot and ready to be used.


This device also ensures your safety, it can detect any wetness from the tank or water lines automatically and will also release pressure. In case of a problem like that, thermHAL will call the right people which may be your home owner or the plumber. It also protects you from leaks of carbon monoxide and also provides alerts when needed.

Saving in electricity bill

With this device, you will see a notable difference in your bills, your fuel cost will be reduced and you will even have control of the settings. It also ensures safety so get your hands on it as soon as possible.