Retirement Villages Best Accommodation in Surrey

Retirement villages are a form of housing built and designed around the needs and preferences of people aged 65 and over. There are as many different types of villages as there are locations and operators. Each offers a wide range of accommodation, amenities, services, and facilities to suit your needs.

Would a one, two, three, or even four-bedroom villa suit? It could be part of a high-rise complex, terrace, or stand-alone arrangement? Or maybe you’d prefer a serviced apartment providing assistance if you need extra help with cleaning, laundry, personal care, or meals.

Offering security, low maintenance, support, and company, retirement villages are a popular lifestyle choice, providing residents with the freedom of independent living with the reassurance of knowing that assistance is never far away if you need it.

You can choose to take up new interests, meet like-minded people or do things you never got around to doing before. Whether you prefer to stay in the same area in which you have lived for many years or seek a complete change of surroundings, there are plenty of options available to you when choosing your new lifestyle. This next stage of your life is all about how you want to live.

There could be any number of reasons why you want to make the move into a retirement village. It could be because you are seeking security and companionship, want a more manageable home, or want to free up equity from your existing home and have more to spend in your retirement years. Whatever the reason, thousands of village residents agree it’s a move they should have made years earlier. For all these facilities, you can visit Retirement Villages in Surrey to see their benefits and facilities.


There are many different types of retirement villages you can choose from to suit your lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for an inner-city apartment, a home by the sea, a brand new villa, or serviced apartment, you won’t have any problem finding the right retirement village and accommodation for you.

Broad-acre villages comprise Villa Units with small front yards and courtyards to enjoy outdoor living.

At the heart of a broad acre, the village is the community center, which is a hub of resident activity and one of the most enjoyable aspects of retirement living.

Villa units provide you with the freedom to go about your daily activities while being able to live in a safe, secure, and comfortable environment.

Another form of accommodation is Apartment Living, often referred to as vertical villages, most typically located in inner-city locations or at select coastal villages and holiday destinations with many featuring a balcony to enjoy the morning sun.

Many villages offer residents options for ongoing support as their needs change over time. Increasingly this care is available while residents continue to live in their existing villa or apartment through the provision of fee-based care services or Government funded Care Packages (subject to Government eligibility requirements).

Alternatively, Serviced Apartments with meal and laundry services are available in many villages. For those requiring even higher levels of care, certain villages include or are located close to Residential Aged Care facilities where Commonwealth funding is often available to residents (subject to Government eligibility requirements). This can be an ideal solution for couples requiring different levels of needs who wish to remain together.

Available care options provide real peace of mind to those looking to purchase in a village that will serve their needs both now and in the years ahead as individual circumstances may change.


From boutique hospitality to cosmopolitan living, the choice is yours when it comes to apartment living.

Whether you’re seeking independence in a comfortable environment or a luxury lifestyle with premium services and facilities, then apartment living could be ideal for you. Often located in metropolitan areas, apartment living offers a feeling of freedom and security in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

Apartment living is perfect if you are looking for more than just a comfortable home in your later years. You will have more time to spend on things you enjoy rather than on maintenance and chores.

Some apartments include brand new kitchens with dishwashers, fridges, and air conditioning systems. You have the option to choose from an apartment upstairs with an outdoor balcony or a ground floor apartment with garden access depending on your personal preferences.

Spacious, stylish interiors, high-spec fittings and finishes, elegant shared spaces, and beautifully appointed settings are to be seen in every one, two, or three-bedroom apartment. Fully equipped for independent living, you can appreciate hotel-like hospitality every day of the week with the peace of mind of a 24-hour emergency response system while enjoying your private and easily managed outdoor area.

Serviced Apartments

When you want the peace of mind of a little extra help when it’s needed, a serviced apartment is a perfect choice.

A serviced apartment offers an ideal solution when your physical capabilities change with age. They are also an excellent choice for couples who require different levels of care but wish to remain close to each other.

As they are available in many villages with meal and laundry services, you can more or less forget household chores, leaving you more time to spend with your family and to enjoy a hassle-free lifestyle.

When you don’t need aged care, serviced apartments give you access to daily, home-cooked meals or assistance with food preparation, 24-hour emergency assistance, cleaning and laundry services. You’ll have more time to enjoy an active social life and access to all the amenities and facilities of the village.

Residential Aged Care

High-quality residential aged care is focused on maintaining a rewarding lifestyle.

As you get older and your daily care needs increase, you may need to consider moving into residential aged care.

One of the wonderful benefits of retirement accommodation is that you are provided with the level of care you need. This provides the peace of mind that you will not need to relocate to another facility should you or a loved one ever need access to nursing care support.

There are two different levels of care provided in residential aged care – low care and high care.

Low care

Low-care accommodation is ideal for those who need a little extra care and support with the demands of daily living but like to remain independent.

Residential low care provides you with accommodation, your own bathroom, access to shared facilities such as lounges, dining rooms, and assistance with personal care services such as eating, showering, and dressing, which provides comfort and security for you and your family.

In addition, rehabilitation support and health and therapy services can also be provided.

High care

Accommodation in residential high care typically takes the form of a nursing home for people who are unable to look after themselves and require assistance with most aspects of daily living.

Residents have their own room and bathroom, with access to shared facilities such as lounges and dining rooms. Additional personal care services are available depending on the need. These may include assistance with bathing, grooming, eating, managing incontinence, rehabilitation support, and access to therapeutic services.

All retirement villages offering aged care accommodation ensure they provide responsive and adequate staff with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to meet the needs of residents.