How to Select a Best Chartered Surveyor

What is a Building Surveyor?

A Building Surveyor provides professional advice on all things related to property and construction. They don’t just focus on new buildings; they are also concerned with the condition and performance of existing buildings.

…and what areas do Building Surveyors cover?

The field in which we cover is quite large, if you need advice and information on design, maintenance, refurbishment, restoration, repair, or sustainability then a Building Surveyor is the person to contact.

As you can imagine, the work that Building Surveyors take on covers a wide range of properties and constructions; from large multimillion-pound structures to the smaller private repair job. They are also called upon as an expert witness to give evidence in court in cases where certain building regulations may have been breached. If you need one for your project, I highly recommend you Building surveyors Kent to visit them and get their services in construction, project management, and building surveying.

…OK, but why would I need a Building Surveyor?

You’ve stumbled on my site because you’re interested in some form of advice or information regarding property and construction, right? If the answer is a possible yes, but you’re not quite sure what advice you could get from a Building surveyor then this is where I will help you out!

Whilst the work of a Building Surveyor is extremely diverse, I have provided a list of typical tasks that one may be hired to perform.

A Building Surveyor may be asked to…

  • Prepare insurance claims and assessments
  • Advise you on appointing contractors and designers
  • Prepare documents for tender
  • Ensure that projects are not only completed on budget, but on time too
  • Determine the condition of existing buildings
  • Provide advice on how to be more energy-efficient, helping save the environment! (For both new and existing buildings)
  • Provide advice on how to preserve historic constructions/buildings
  • Advice on the management of maintenance of existing and new buildings
  • Deal with planning applications, providing information on building regulations, etc.
  • Help with the designing and assessment of buildings that require access for people with disabilities
  • Assess the health and safety aspects of all buildings, new or old.

How to select the best Chartered Surveyor Company:

  • Location: Should be in your area
  • Positive Reviews: Check their past work and experience from their past clients.
  • Pricing should be competitive and go for the cheaper option available.
  • Regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).
  • Clearly define everything in the contract
  • Manage efficiently and deliver on time

And the list doesn’t end there! In fact, it’s almost endless. If you require any more information you can contact me and visit this blog, keep checking back for regular updates!