Best Tree Surgeons in Cambridge and Their 10 Professional Services

Hi there! So you’re looking to hire a tree surgeon in Cambridge and the greater Cambridgeshire areas? Well, you have landed on the right guide. Check Tree surgeon Cambridge for a tree surgery business that sources the best tree surgeons for an extensive range of tree surgery services for customers near you in Cambridge and surrounding areas.

We are your local tree specialists based in Cambridge, UK who have a wealth of experience in tree care, maintenance, cutting, and removal. Be sure that if you need any tree work done on your residential or commercial property, then our team of professionals will be able to do it for you, and at competitive prices! Their friendly team of tree specialists is highly endorsed for their high quality of work, and always receives the best reviews for tree surgeons.

Their goal is to provide you the customer with an all-encompassing and professional arboriculture service that is efficient, trustworthy, and competitive. They achieve this by employing top professionals in the arboriculture field who are not only the best at what they do, but they are passionate about it and have a great work ethic, always providing a friendly service.

Best Tree Surgeons are always striving for and constantly achieve 100% satisfaction from both residential and commercial clients. While the company and its staff place great emphasis on supplying the best tree solutions for their customers.

What Tree Services are Providing by Specialists:

1. Tree Felling

Have you got a troublesome tree you need to get rid of? No worries, they’ll sort that for you. There are two tree felling solutions which they provide.

Firstly, they can expertly perform sectional tree felling. This is used in situations where there may be a risk of damage to property or danger to the public from felling. If you hadn’t guessed yet, this process includes the removal of a tree in sections. Their skilled tree surgeons will utilise the technique of step cutting, break off, and controlled throw method using lowering support ropes, ensuring safety for your home, business, and those in the vicinity.

Secondly, they offer straight tree felling. This is used when a falling tree will not present a risk to property or personnel. Here the tree is removed as a single unit in a controlled manner.

2. Tree Pruning and Crown Reduction

Just like you need a haircut every month, your trees will sometimes require a tidy-up. This is where Tree Surgeons come in, the Nicky Clarke’s of the Arborist world. Their tree care professionals can prune your trees using a variety of techniques including thinning and drop crotching. All pruning, as will all our services, is done safely to regulations.

3. Tree Pollarding

The form of heavy-duty pruning is necessary for certain types of trees (e.g. willow or poplar). If it is required for your trees, then the friendly tree surgeons are well-trained and equipped to perform this procedure correctly and efficiently.

4. Stump Grinding

You’ve removed that annoying tree, but you left with the stump…who wants a stump in their garden or workplace? Well, we’re guessing not a lot of you. We’ve got the latest stump grinding equipment and training so that we can remove that left-over stump quickly with minimum disturbance. We’ll ensure to remove all the roots and re-fill the hole with soil (or plant another tree) so that the old tree is a distant memory.

5. Tree Planting

​Let’s fill that hole in your (heart) back garden where the old tree was! Our team of tree specialists can advise you and give helpful tips on tree species, how to position them and what conditions are needed to grow a healthy and strong tree. Then you have the knowledge of how to do it yourself…or if you don’t want to get your hands dirty then we’ll do it for you.

6. Hedge Trimming

​Okay so we like trees, they’re our passion! But Tree Surgeons, we don’t discriminate against hedges either. If your hedge needs a short, back, and sides then we’ll get one of our professional arborists round to do an expert job. Please note that the professional team will always talk with you beforehand to get an idea of how much hedge you want to be trimmed. There’s nothing worse than going to the hairdressers/barbers and them chopping off way more than you asked for…and then you still have to pay them! It’s the same with your hedges, but rest assured this won’t happen if you employ us.

7. Ivy Removal

​Many homeowners have ivy growing on their homes and many like it. Ivy can look beautiful on homes and add real character, however, it can also be quite a nuisance. Many people don’t know the destructive effects of ivy on a home’s brickwork, roof, soffits/guttering, window frames, and also to other plants/trees. So if you want it removed completely, or kept in control, then give us a call and we’ll send one of our specialists round to sort it out. Equally, if you are unsure about whether the ivy on your building is causing damage or has the potential to, then again get in contact and we can do an inspection for you.

8. Tree Surveying

Have a planning application that needs safety reports on trees on your property? Or would just value knowing the health of your trees? No problem. We have trained and certified specialists who can perform tree safety reporting. If you chose this service you’ll get a report which goes into detail about the specified tree’s species, age, and condition, with advice on how to conduct future management.

9. Commercial Tree Services

​We are a professional organisation compromising of tree care experts with an excellent track record for providing top quality tree surgery services to not just residential clientele, but also to businesses.

10. Emergency Tree Service

If there is an emergency and you need a tree surgeon as soon as possible then call Eden Tree Specialists. Tree Surgeons will be there for you in your time of need. They provide an emergency call-out service, which can come to the rescue and address incidents including storm-damaged and dangerous trees. Call on 01234 960 796 or check their website for more details.