Tip to Keep Your Home Mildew-free

Mildew, the bane of most households especially during the rainy season, announces its presence with its black, powdery spotting and musty, damp odor. It can spread anywhere that’s damp or warm or with little air circulation.

The best way to check mildew: Get rid of dampness, enhance ventilation, and make sure exhaust fans are installed in enclosed areas. By keeping the house properly airy, condensation from water vapor is avoided. Mildew is thus left with no damp place to call its home. Prevent mildew from having a foothold in your home with the following tips.

Home Mildew-free

In the Closet

  • – Leave closet doors and dresser drawers occasionally open to air out the interior.
  • – Be sure clothing is dry before putting it in storage.
  • – Keep items where they will not get damp. Use bags or bins made of plastic.
  • – If there is a light bulb in your closet, leave it switched on for some time to heat the air in your closet.
  • – Use silica gel or cedar blocks to absorb moisture. Place on closet shelf or hang in a cotton bag. You could also use talcum powder, baking soda, corn meal, or cornstarch.
  • – Avoid putting damp clothing on cement floor. Cement is porous, and getting rid of mildew stains on it is very difficult.
  • – Dirty clothing should be dry before being tossed in the hamper. Wash clothing and household items before storing.
  • – Air out tents and sleeping bags before putting in storage. Protect them with regular cleaning and application of mildew-resistant sprays.
  • – Treat awnings and tents with fungicides before using.

In the Bathroom

  • – Wipe down walls after taking a shower.
  • – Use an exhaust fan to promote air circulation and quick drying of damp areas.
  • – Open the bathroom door and window to help dry out the bathroom.
  • – Stretch the shower curtain out to dry after taking a bath.
  • – Drain the bathtub thoroughly after use. Mop up residual moisture with a dry towel.
  • – Clean the bathroom regularly, paying special attention to the tiling and grout.

In the Kitchen

– Even just a little dirt or dried food will promote mildew growth. Regular kitchen cleanups will help prevent mildew from taking root.

  • – Turn on your exhaust fans while cooking.
  • – Mop up spills after food preparation and cooking.
  • – Clean up grease splatters on walls.