The PoopSTICK – Adjustable Device that Promotes Colon Health

Do you have constipation issues or mobility problems that make it difficult for you to eliminate the bad stuff that your body doesn’t need? Well, there is a handy device that can help you evacuate with ease and improve your gut health. The PoopSTICK is a compact, adjustable device that will ease your poop. This device optimizes your squatting position hence relaxing the Puborectalis muscle (the muscle that compresses the colon when you’re standing and relaxes when squatting). By relaxing this muscle, the PoopSTICK elongates the colon making it easier to eliminate. This device helps people experiencing colon and bowel problems, those who have had recent surgery and people with mobility problems to eliminate easily and healthily. Whether you’re a natural remedy enthusiast, a wellness conscious individual or you’re suffering from some medical issues, the PoopSTICK is just for you.

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Benefits of the PoopSTICK

1. Makes pooping easier for everyone

This device comes in handy especially for people with medical issues such as mobility problems, colon cancer, constipation issues, etc. The device reduces straining and straightens the gut to improve evacuation. If you are experiencing pain due to recent surgery or any other medical issue, you need to get this device. With the PoopSTICK, you’ll not experience the kind of discomfort typical with the upright sitting position.

2. Improves gut health

By ensuring maximum waste elimination, the PoopSTICK promotes a healthy gut. It is a natural remedy for constipation, which is known to promote the growth of harmful bacteria in the gut.

3. Versatility

This device can be used by people of all heights as it comes with an adjustable footrest that allows users to adjust its height. Whether you’re tall or short, the PoopSTICK will help you create an optimal squatting position that will ease your poop. It can be used by children, adults, the elderly, and just about anyone who wants to have the best bathroom experience.

4. Compact design

The PoopSTICK is constructed in a sleek and compact manner to ensure it’s easy to use and store. Unlike other stool type devices that are bulky, the PoopSTICK can be placed off to the side of the toilet when not in use.

5. More hygienic

The device comes with a tall handle that allows users to move the PoopSTICK without having to touch an unhygienic product.

The PoopSTICK is shoe-friendly, which means you can use it comfortably with any type of shoes. It eliminates toe-stubbing and requires little maintenance. It also comes with a toilet paper holder, cell/tablet holder, and magazine holder. Unlike other stool type devices, the PoopSTICK eliminates bending over to pull the device away from the toilet for use. Therefore, the PoopSTICK makes for a perfect alternative to devices such as Squatty Potty, Squat n Go, Step and Go, and Turbo Fusion.

Generally, the PoopSTICK is a great addition to the standard toilet for persons who want to achieve maximum waste elimination. Adding this device to your bathroom will improve your gut health and overall well-being.