Find Professional Surveying and Construction Services Folkestone

If you are considering purchasing a house in South East, you should consider having a House Inspection by Consult Construct. Consultation of construction reduce the construction risk for absentee owners and performing due diligence for home buyers. If you are from Folkestone, and looking for Surveyors Folkestone for building or property construction consultancy. You should find trusted consultancy which provides you following benefits.

House Inspections…

A House Inspection is a visual examination of the property by a qualified, unbiased third party.  The inspection typically includes a review of:

  • The electrical system’s capacity, number of circuits, grounding and overall condition.
  • A description of the plumbing system, including size of tanks, filter and purification systems, condition, water pressure, location and size of hot water heater and overall operation.
  • A structural review of floors, walls, doors, windows and roof.
  • A visual review of the exterior walls and the relationship to contiguous properties.

construction consultancy

Within 24 hours of the inspection, a report will be emailed to you.  The cost for a normal/typical inspection is 2300 Mexican pesos or foreign equivalent. Other consulting is billed at 850 Mexican pesos per hour.

Numerous real estate brokers in San Miguel who have worked with Gordon Logan in the field highly recommend his house inspection service to clarify the condition and adequacy of the property for their clients and to give them peace of mind in pursuing their proposed purchase.

Construction with peace of mind…

Are you considering having a home built in San Miguel de Allende (SMA), but you are hesitating because you cannot stay in SMA during the entire construction?

Have you heard horror stories from your friends about the “unwelcome surprises” they have had because they weren’t able to supervise their construction?

You now have an alternative to supervising your construction project:

  • Logan Construction Consulting—Gordon Logan—monitors and reports on your progress as your Owner’s Representative.
  • LCC can also help you find the right architect/contractor for your project.
  • LCC can work with you and your architect to refine the construction plans and agreements to your satisfaction.

This is how it can work for you…

  • You find and buy the land.
  • You select an architect/contractor who meets the minimum requirements set by LCC for a successful project, with LCC’s help, if needed.
  • LCC will work with you and your architect to refine your construction plans to your satisfaction.
  • LCC will visit your site 3 times a week and will try to meet with your contractor at least once a week. LCC will take digital photographs.
  • Once a week, you will receive, by e-mail, an update from LCC that will include: work accomplished during the previous week; work planned for the next week; variances observed by LCC; comments from the contractor and LCC; and digital photographs.
  • LCC will act as an Owner’s Representative, monitoring and reporting to you on the progress of your project, equipping you to make knowledgeable decisions.

Guidelines for a Successful Project…

LCC’s minimum requirements for an architect/contractor to ensure a successful project…

  • A proven track record of building in San Miguel de Allende.
  • Homes that the owner can visit and review in which the architect/contractor has been the principal.
  • Full and complete plans for the project including:
    • construction drawings
    • electrical and plumbing drawings and
    • an itemization of the quantities of materials to be used.
  • References from past clients, including name, address of project, current phone number and email address.
  • References from major suppliers.
  • Banking references
  • A full Letter of Agreement between contractor and owner.