Traditional Solid Wood Shutters for Interior and Exterior Use

You will make so many unusual styles when using solid shutters in your household decor. Wooden shutters could convey the appearance and feel of hospitality and friendliness and they can also be stylish and elegant. They can be open and create a cheerful and open feeling or they can be closed to get a cozy and sociable room.

Wooden solid shutters became common in regions with environments that had severe weather conditions. A number of shutters, when closed offer protection from the wind, rain and sun, while offering privacy and noise reduction.

Installation Places

Shutters can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, sunrooms and bathrooms. By changing the veneer or material used on your wooden shutters you can achieve outdoor appearances ranging from the warm Florida keys to a rustic cottage.

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Material, Colors and Styles

Shutters can be built employing a variety of materials, with wood being the most accepted. Wooden shutters, on the other hand, can cost quite a bit more than other styles of shutters.

Painted wooden shutters are also available, but the main drawback with this style is that the surface facing the sun can become washed out over time needing fresh paint every now and then. Shutters built from compound materials are obtainable and generally will save you a little money.

There are a pair of options when picking composite material for your shutters. You can pick a wood composite which is basically wood pieces or chips formed to create a sturdy piece. Or you can use vinyl, which is also an acceptable alternative to wood and is inexpensive. In addition, vinyl shutters are also extremely easy to keep clean and in good condition.

Traditional Wood Shutters

Interior wood shutters are designed to last the lifetime of your home, so they don’t need to be periodically replaced like drapes or blinds. Interior wood shutters are available in natural woods or painted in soft, natural colors like whites and beiges, or you can find them in real or faux (fake) materials. Therefore no matter your budget, you can certainly find a shutter to satisfy your needs. Interior wood shutters are also wonderful for providing insulation to your windows that can cut back your heating and cooling costs. They’re a nice choice for homes with children since they don’t have cords for opening and closing the louvers, which eliminates the possibility of strangulation.

Traditional style interior wood shutters have smaller or narrower louvers and are commonly seen in homes that have a rustic decor. Plantation shutters have larger sized louvers and provide a big range of flexible options.

Timeless Beauty

Wood shutters are timeless beauty. Nothing has taken the place of a fine wood shutter or a fine piece of wood furniture. Wood shutters are useful since they provide both protection from intruders and the ability to insulate the home against severe weather.

Like different features of historic architecture, shutter forms are varied and have undergone evolutionary and stylistic changes. Wood shutters are commonly seen as are fiberglass exterior shutters with storm certification. These are strengthened with aluminum to withstand hurricane-force winds.

Adding shutters to the windows will offer a property seller the added touch that will bring in the sale they want. Interior shutters used as window treatments serve the double purpose of privacy and decoration, and ought to be chosen accordingly.

On the practical side, it’s necessary to settle on shutters that will work with the windows well, therefore that there should be no gaps when closed, and they permit the maximum amount of light when open.

Interior wood shutters come in different colors and styles, so you’ll be able to select the one that will match your window and furniture. Shutters can be a single tier unit or a double tier system with totally different panels to control its gap and closure of those slats. Look through all the main interior wood shutters retailer sites to get the best price.