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Although live office plants are favorites with many house owners but situations and locations aren’t always suitable, if for example the areas are hard to access of have low light levels. In which case we would advise our clients to use artificial plants, which are nowadays so life-like, that they look like the real thing and require very close inspection to tell them apart.

Some of the questions we get asked are a testament to how realistic they are, questions like, “how often will they need watering?” or “how big will they grow?”Often, the only time people can tell, is by actually touching the leaves and even this is often accompanied with a quizzical look, followed by a question, “are they real?”

Using artificial plants allows us to be very flexible with the creation of a unique tailor made interior landscape.

One of our clients wanted a tree to be wide and bushy at the top, going right up to the ceiling, but to be narrower lower down, so that it didn’t encroach on a security camera and door.

potted plants

Artificial grass

API is an artificial grass supplier, and our applications are now being used by landscapers in traditional landscape applications to create beautiful artificial lawns and safe artificial grass playgrounds for children,tennis court and golf golf field.If you are a homeowner, professional landscapers, home builders, developer or a business owner then artificial grass is just for you! From roof-top or apartment gardens to residential landscaping applications, artificial grass is a low cost, low maintenance alternative to the installation of grass/sod.

Artificial Lawn

API’s synthetic grass is a top supplier of Synthetic Lawn; we offer you the most excellent artificial grass and we have commercial and residential water-less grass, outdoor and indoor synthetic Grass. If you own hotels, athletic fields, parks, playgrounds, etc and if you are looking for artificial grass, then we is just for you. Regardless what kinds of sports the players play and no matter how the climate is, our grasses will be able to withstand wear and tear, they are clean, safe, low maintenance, non-flammable, cost effective and non-toxic.

Artificial Turf

Installing an artificial turf will be the most perfect backyard or commercial decoration. When you select water-less grasses for your golf courts or children’s park, you are selecting the most excellent synthetic grass, guaranteed to be free from chemicals and other toxic substances. Our artificial grass is animal-friendly and your canine friends will adore this lawn!

Synthetic Lawn

Planning to have a synthetic Lawn for your golf court or for your luxury home? Then think of Our synthetic grass! Our artificial grass is proud to serve you worldwide.Our artificial grass doesn’t require watering or fertilizers. They are realistic as well as affordable and pet friendly!
STI synthetic Grass is specialized in the supply of synthetic Grass for both residentialand commercial applications.

Synthetic Grass

If you want to make your home environmental friendly, then synthetic grass is just for you! They don’t need any watering, doesn’t need fertilizers and it doesn’t rake! synthetic Grass is made from durable plastic called polyethylene,guaranteed to be non-toxic and it would definitely last for years. STI’s synthetic Grass has undergone many years of development and research which includes wear resistance testing and extensive Ultra Violet stability tests.

Now if you’re interested in artificial potted plans, I would recommend you to consider Aufora poted artificial plants as you can find wide range of artificial potted plants for all seasons with discounted prices. I am sure you will not disappoint. Stay tuned for more interesting articles.