House133 Vacation Rentals in Florida

The areas they have properties in are, Orland, Miami, Tampa, Panama City, and Key West. All of their homes come with a kitchen that is fully equipped, allowing you to save on some expensive restaurant bills (that really can add up), are fully furnished and even include laundry facilities. They really are your home away from home and will save you a fortune when compared with hotel rates and the additional costs that accompany staying in them.

Choose House133 Vacation Rentals

There are so many different reasons you’re visiting. You could be attending an important meeting for business, or bringing your family on a long-awaited holiday to refresh and unwind. Whichever the purpose, there’s one thing you need – accommodation! If you’re interested in staying somewhere that boasts not only very close proximity to the new world but also the peace and quiet to truly unwind at the end of the day, they’re bound to have something that’s just right for you.

At House133 Vacation Rentals, they have a vast range of properties ranging from one-bedroom units to five-bedroom homes with pools.