Cool Apartment Stuff for College Guys

Simple and Affordable Ideas to Decorate Your Apartment

Anyone who has ever lived in an apartment knows the many limitations involved when it comes to decorating. With rules from what kind of material is used to hang pictures to what type of window covering is allowed, there are many restrictions imposed by landlords and apartment managers. However, this doesn’t mean that apartments have to be dull and drab. Using a few simple apartments decorating ideas, it is possible to have a beautiful living space without risking the wrath of the apartment owner.

List of few accessories every guy needs in his apartment!

  1. Launching Pad
  2. Wall Desk
  3. Wireless Bed Fan
  4. Dry Food Dispenser
  5. Microwave Baking Oven
  6. Cool looking Alarm Clock
  7. Scout Doormat
  8. Social Emoji Pillows Covers
  9. Breakfast Sandwich Maker
  10. Mini Refrigerator
  11. Futon mattress
  12. Wall Coat Racks
  13. Serving Cart
  14. International Movie Posters
  15. Amazon Fire TV Stick
  16. Trash Basket
  17. Laundry Bags

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While almost all apartments do not allow painting, it is still possible to introduce some color to those drab eggshell-colored walls. Colorful paintings and prints can not only brighten a room, but they also give it some personality as well. Always check the apartment rules regarding fasteners. Most don’t mind small nails, however, if they do, look for adhesive backing strips. These are designed to hold decor up without damaging the wall behind and can be easily removed when it is time to move. Make sure to check the weight rating. These strips come in different strengths and trying to use strips meant for a lightweight poster on a 5 pound framed painting could end in disaster.


Many apartments come standard with neutral-colored carpets. While replacing them with hardwood floors is not an option, there are still ways to improve how a floor looks and feels. The key is in the strategic placement of area rugs and carpet runners. A large area rug will not only give the room some color, but it will also protect the carpet below from damage and stains that could deduct from any security deposit when it is time to leave. Carpet runners are perfect for narrow hallways and entryways. For kitchen and bathrooms, smaller rugs can be used. Rugs are available in every color and pattern imaginable, and in textures ranging from thin and compact too so plush, they make a person want to curl up and take a nap on the floor.

Window Treatments

Apartments vary on their window regulations. Some require standard blinds or curtains that match the rest of the apartments for uniformity when viewed from the street. Even if this is the case, there are still some crafty ideas to get your apartment decorated that can work around this regulation. Since the main concern is having each apartment look the same from the street, it is possible to change how it looks from inside. Colorful valances and trimmings can bring color into a room. In addition, try hanging two sets of curtains. The set closest to the window can be the standard apartment regulation, and the other set can be anything that suits the room. From the outside, the apartment window will still match every other in the building.

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean having to give up on unique and personalized decor. Using the simple apartment decorating ideas presented here, it is possible to create a custom living space that suits the renter’s personality without risking eviction or lost security deposits.