Tips to Choose the Best Skip Hire Business to fulfill your Needs

Commercial skip hire covers a company’s ability to hire a skip from a local company in order to dispose of large quantities of waste materials. If you are a business or company, you will need a commercial skip hire company or contract. This normally means searching through different local skip hire companies. As most of the UK’s waste is commercial, there are hundreds of skip hire companies offering day-to-day contracts or contracts for a fixed hire duration.

Once you have found a commercial skip hire company it is important that you know what requirements you will have – both now and in the long term. There is a choice of many different kinds of skips available to hire. The one that you choose will be based upon the amount, size and weight of the waste you are moving. You should also consider if you are removing any hazardous or liquid waste.

Where to put your skip

When hiring a skip for business or commercial use you need to consider where it is going to be placed.

Skip Permit

If you need to place your skip on a public road or path you may need to apply for a skip permit from your local council, depending on where you live. If in doubt, consult any skip permit guide or just phone them for guidance.

You also need to check how long you are allowed to keep the skip for. Most skip permits expire after around two weeks, so if you are considering long-term hire you may need to submit another application.

Be careful not to annoy neighbouring businesses by blocking their access routes. (Also be careful to not block your own!) Don’t forget to consider whether the skip’s location will have health and safety implications and whether there is a possible fire risk of storing waste materials too near to your premises (if in doubt check your insurance policy).

In order to place a builder’s skip on the roadside, you would be required to obtain a permit for each location from the Highway Authority.

The permit itself consists of two parts:

  • Your Local County Council Standard Conditions
  • Combined Application Form/Permit

Skip permits are granted for two weeks initially, they can be extended for a further two weeks free of charge but after this time a new permit will be required.

If a new permit is not acquired, a fine may be issued by the local county council to the customer or owner of the skip.

First, you will need to check your local councils skip hire permit guidelines. If you are unsure which council you need to contact you may find the “Find your Local Authority” tool on useful. A few councils – mostly in London and Scotland – require you to apply directly to them for a permit, whereas most of them require the application to be from the skip hire company itself. It is worth bearing in mind that some councils have a surcharge if you need the permit within three days of your application.

Another thing to consider is that different councils have different expiry dates, and it is worth checking when you apply, so you can arrange a suitable collection date. If you are considering long-term skip hire you will need to submit another application and may be asked to pay a surcharge.

Skip hire

If you are looking for cheap skip hire service in Dunstable Bedfordshire, I recommend you to check skip hire Dunstable because they are best in the town and you can book them online easily.No matter what project you have planned, from a large construction to a small kitchen refurbishment, they have the ideal skip hire solution for you. Their skips are so versatile they can provide the perfect assistance in any situation and our experienced staff are always on hand to help you determine which skip size is best for you!

Usually skip hire range includes larger skips, such as the builder’s skips, roll-on roll-off skips and enclosed skips, as well as more popular sizes. Few standard sizes are given below to give you the idea.

Mini Skip Hire

2 Yard Mini Skips which are ideal for smaller DIY or redecoration jobs.

Midi Skip Hire

4 Yard Midi Skips to accommodate the waste from a small kitchen or bathroom re-fit.

Midimaxi Skip Hire

6 Yard Midimaxi Skips which are perfect for extensive gardening or landscaping projects.

Maxi Skip Hire

8 Yard Maxi Skips for the waste generated from a large scale home renovation project.

Builders Skip Hire

The builder’s skips are popular in the construction trade and can accommodate waste from building projects or larger domestic renovations.

Enclosed Skip Hire

The enclosed skips are available in a variety of sizes to ensure they can tackle waste from a range of different types of projects, commercial and domestic.

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