Best Decorative Accessories for your Kitchen

You have just finished remodeling your kitchen and it looks great. You have added new paint, new appliances as well as new sinks, floors and countertops. However, you still have a nagging suspicion that something is still missing.

Just like an outfit, accessories can add a finished touch to your kitchen. Even if you do not have the money to do an entire remodeling project, adding accessories that match your kitchens color and theme can greatly transform it. In this article I am going to show you how you can use decorative accessories to remodeling and decorate your home specially kitchen.

Home decorative themes and colors:

When adding accessories to your kitchen, you must decide on what theme you would like to have it in. You want a modern look? How about a country style kitchen or a cottage theme? There are many possibilities and the accessories available to match them are widely available. To get an idea of what you want for your kitchen, you can look in various decorative accessories books and magazines.

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Arrangement and color of Accessories:

Once you get an idea of what you want, be sure that the colors of the accessories compliment the main color of your room. Arranging the accessories that you already have can also change the look of your kitchen. Using different heights and textures, as well as grouping your accessories in odd numbers, is often recommended and will give the room an added touch.

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Wall decals, decorative plates and Artwork:

Artwork on the walls, such as decorative plates, can add a very special ambiance to your kitchen. When hanging artwork on the walls, be sure that it is hung so the middle of the piece is at eye level and placed no more than seven to ten inches above a table. Wall decorations that are grouped in geometric shapes, such as a rectangle or a circle, will also add interest to your decor.

Stylish racks, candles and cupboards:

In most kitchens, items such as baker’s racks and open cupboards have a tendency to become too cluttered if you are not careful. To avoid the overly-cluttered look, arrange cookbooks to where they vary with the tallest one being in the middle and be sure that the small books are not next to the tall ones. When decorating your shelves with candles, family pictures, fancy bowls, pantry boxes or baskets, place them in odd number groupings. For added balance, place a plant on the top shelf.

Hanging Pots and Ceiling Decorative:

Hanging copper pots and pans from ceiling wire racks will add a gourmet feel to your kitchen. Other ways to attain a gourmet feel include growing herbs in a decorative container on the windowsill and decorative canisters on your countertop. To add a lived in feel to a plain kitchen, add a hanging plant from a bare corner in your kitchen.

Accessorizing your kitchen can be fun and inexpensive. Once you decide on the look you want for it, you can take your time and shop around for just the right pieces. The accessories that you choose can either improve the look of your kitchen or ruin the look of it. The important thing to remember is to be creative and to trust your instinct