Apartments for Rent in Calgary – Best Alternate of Hotels during Pandemic

Life must go on! and it is obvious that we can’t stop our business tours and important traveling because of Covid-19. During the pandemic situation, everyone is looking for safe options to stay during traveling. Hotels are not as safe as apartments could be and therefore, if you are looking to stay in Calgary then you should check apartments in Calgary to book for a whole month.

About the City

Calgary is a city located near the southern end of the Canadian province of Alberta. Located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, it is a city that once held Olympic dreams and wonders. With a metropolitan population larger than 1.3 million, it is the largest and most diverse city in the province.

Natural Beauty of Calgary

Because Calgary is located in Canada, as well as near the Canadian Rockies, it has cold winters and one must be prepared for winter weather and activities. Because of the weather patterns on the Eastern slope of the mountains it is considered an arid region; therefore, making the air quite dry year-round. The summers can be quite comfortable with low temperatures being near 50 degrees. Also, because it is a former Olympic city, there are many recreation facilities available for public use.

Metropolitan Area and Attractions

The metropolitan area holds many attractions and festivals throughout the year. Some of these include The Calgary Stampede, the Folk Music, Lilac, an international arts festival, and other festivals devoted to the arts of writing and speech. Not only does it host these art festivals, but also it is known for one of the most well-known rodeos in Canada, and one of the largest Caribbean festivals in the country. One of the world’s fastest speed skating tracks was built on the grounds of one of the universities for the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympic games, which enabled the city to host international winter sports competitions as recent as this past September.

Nearby Outdoor Activities

For outdoor recreation one will find the nearby Fish Creek Provincial Park where there are walking and bicycling trails, day camping facilities, stables, picnic areas, and an artificial lake where you can enjoying swimming or summer bath Because the city of Calgary is within 80km of the Rocky Mountains, as well as the venues that were built for the Olympic games, there are many winter activities available in which to participate such as downhill and cross country skiing at Canada Olympic Park and ice skating and speed skating, as well as the ever-popular sport–hockey in the Olympic Oval.

Sports Events in Calgary

If one is interested in watching sporting events, there is a professional hockey team, the Calgary Flames; the Calgary Hitmen of the Western Hockey League; and the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League; as well as many other sports such as baseball and LaCrosse. There are many theatres that play host to such events as opera and dance.

Due to the current situation, most of the sports and outdoor activities are suspended but it would never be the same and one we get the vaccine in our hands, you will see the same hustle and bustle in the city, so till then stay tuned and stay safe and hope for the best. Cheers 🙂