Antique Tiles to Enhance any Room of your Home

Among the range of ways to decorate/build your floor or walls, reclaimed antique tiles are one of the most appropriate ones. Reclaimed tiles are useful in a number of ways. Here are some instances:

Next to zero maintenance:

Usually, all types of floors require a high degree of maintenance. If not entirely, you can count on antique tiles as a building material requires a very low degree of maintenance. With a sealant applied once a year, applied once every four years or so, ceramic tile requires only routine cleaning.


You can create any pattern with your tiles. You can give you room any look and feel you want. Sky is the limit. Wide range of colors and pattern available in the market.

Less expensive

These tiles are among the top building materials among the most inexpensive ones.

Diversity in setups

There are several ways you can install antique tiles. You can use them in:

  • flooring
  • Backsplashes
  • porticos
  • murals
  • countertops


Tiles are one of the most original materials for building homes and palaces. Handmade antique tiles have a Herculean reputation for their durability. The historic Roman civilization used them.

When you are in quest for great tiles with great patterns, also consider a different variety of tiles available.

Satillio: This sort of tile has a reputation for its rigidity. And there is more- these tiles come with ornamental designs. Used on floors, the design of these tiles are spirited from Spanish origins.


By nature, slate is fragile. Though it’s commonly dark/black, you will find quite a number of shades with them. These shades could have different looks. This shades can take the following forms:

  • Blue purple
  • Dark purple
  • Black colors
  • Multi-colors-reds and
  • Plain purple

Flooring Tiles – Some vital facts to know

As a rule of Mother Nature, slates with deep color fade. Especially when they are under broad sun. When you are getting yourself slates, you better go for such patterns that make the slate look new even after years.

If you’re looking for a universal pattern of floor tiles, you can go for the ones with dense or flippantly patterns.

The best and classic tile patterns come in neutral colors. The gravity of classic beauty can also be found in ceramic tiles with stone-looks.

Keep in mind that extremely light things and highly dark tiles such as the followings will tend to look more vivid on the soil.

  • Navy
  • Black, and
  • Chocolate brown

There is considerable popularity for high-sheen tiles. But footprints tend to become too exposed on these tiles.

When you are willing to give a room a feel of spaciousness, it is a good idea to go for bigger, mild-colored tile.

If however, you are planning to give your room a small look, it is best to go for small size and deep colored tiles. This will help build a cordial feel in the room as well. Use your creativity while using any kind of tiles- but be knowledgeable first.