6 Steps to do Sandblasting Professionally

Abrasive media blast is now a days being used very extensively to serve a variety of purposes. One of such purposes is paint or rust removal. Sandblasting is very efficient in removing rust or paint from any kind of surface very rapidly. As already discussed in my previous articles, this is done by propelling sand or any other blast media at a very high speed using compressed air. The granular material when strikes the surface chips the rust or paint off very easily. Below is list of actions that one must follow to carry out a safe and successful sandblasting operation.

Sandblasting Professionally

Step 1: Prepare the work space for the operation

Remove unwanted material from vicinity, remove any sensitive material that you think may get hit by the flying abrasive. We don’t want anything precious to be unintentionally sandblasted. You can prevent that by placing a trap over such things. The work area should be well ventilated to make it easier for you to breath with safety masks on.

Step 2: Wear proper safety gears

Before starting your sandblasting work you must wear safety gear. Sandblasting Safety gear includes Helmet, Gloves and coverall. In case of unavailability of coverall use any clothing with long sleeves. Remember and make sure that your skin is completely covered.

Step 3: Setting Up Sandblaster

User manual should be carefully read and the instructions to use clearly understood. All the valves on blasting unit are to be closed first of all. Fill the tank with abrasives. A plastic funnel will help you fill the tank with abrasive easily. There are a variety of abrasives available such as silica sand, glass, nutshells etc.

Step 4: Setting Up Pressure

First of all you have to open the air valve (main) and let the tank reach a pressure of 40 PSI at least (Might be different for different types of equipment or cases). After completely pressurizing the tank open the sand air valve.

Step 5: Blasting

Close all other valves and point the nozzle towards the target with a slight angle. Now using controlled motion sweep the target area with abrasive.

 Step 6: Final Settings

Now gradually increase the pressure to meet the desired results. Increase it up to 100 PSI and observe the results. Fix the pressure once see that required result is being achieved. Once you are through close all the valves and nozzle.

How to Get Professional Sandblasting Services?

Most of the Sand blasting providers have no less professional skills and it is really difficult to find a professional expert to done your work as you are expecting. Don’t be trapped by any new company, check all the details before hiring someone. If you are from Australia, I would recommend you to try Master Sandblasting Services as their prices are very affordable and quality of service is indeed. They follow all the required steps and you will end with job done as expected in time and very professionally. I am leaving you with their business details so you can contact them directly with ease.

  • Business name: Master Sandblasting
  • Address: 10 Faulklands Avenue, Bossley Park, NSW, Australia
  • Phone number: 0415 812 655

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