5 Unique Home Decoration Gift Ideas 2019

Once someone in your family or a friend is setting up their first home or getting wedded you could consider home decoration gifts. Kids of modern-day or traditional accessories for the home that are available is enormous, and you are sure to have the ability to find something that will make the perfect gift in your tight budget. Here I am going to share top five unique gift ideas for home decor in 2019.


  1. Wall Art Decoration:

For new home, wall art decoration items are perfect. You can buy any type of vinyl wall art stickers, painted decoration pieces, mirrors and other wall arts. Wall clocks can also be consider. You can select any handmade craft too but it depends you want to decorate home with traditional or modern decor theme.

  1. Duvet Covers & Pillows for Bedrooms:

There are so many things to select as home decor gift. When someone setup a new home they require everything from small to big home accessories. Bed sheet could be a unique gift to new couple and they can use to decorate their personal bedroom. There are lots of designs and types available in bed-sheet and duvet covers like magical thinking bedding, urban outfitters, plum and bow bedding and pillow covers matching bed-sheets.

  1. Curtains and Blinds:

Curtains and blinds are one of the important part of any room. They add luxury, fashion and sophistication to our home so we should carefully decide which curtains would look perfect in our windows. Curtains are also seasonal like in winters people love to use dark color curtains and in summer usually light and bright color curtains works with floral patterns so choose the unique color pattern as home decor gift. You can also find embroidery printed curtains and blinds that will surely unique for the new home owners.

  1. Kitchen Accessories:

Kitchen is a necessity of every home so you can also buy any kitchen item to gift him or her. Kitchen accessories includes bookends for cookbooks, kitchen cutlery, fancy knives, spoon sets and dinner sets etc.  If you have good budget then you can also consider some kind of makers and electronics like coffee makers, juicers, microwaves and other kitchen gadgets.

  1. Lights, Lamps and Candles:

Different kind of side table lamps, lighting and fragment candles could also be a good gift for you. You can find amazing kind of traditional and religious candles also known as Diya. Most of them are handmade and designed with art and cultural patterns. There are lots of colors and styles available in the market so you can go and select some lights and candles to gift.

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