5 Things you can consider to make your Home Luxury

World is full of luxurious living ideas, whether they are realistic or merely something we can dream or long for. You can find the best luxury homes, luxurious gardens and stunning interiors so you can get an insight into how the other half live and how you can inject a little bit of luxury into your own life. Here we are going to share few luxury appliances that can make your home luxury. These are very rare appliances and very few consider while thinking about luxury life.

Luxury home Ideas

1. The world’s most luxurious Mirror:

The Mirror TV is a hybrid of a special coating glass and slim Waterproof LCD TV, so that when the TV is turned on the mirror becomes a stunning LCD HDTV, which you can enjoy while lounging in your luxury bath tub. When you turn the TV off it returns to a crystal clear mirror so you can go back to seeing your beautiful self. This waterproof TV also has the ability to tell you the time and the temperature. This is also known as clever mirror. It is really very expensive but gives you a luxury home.

2. Stunning Sinks for Luxury Bathrooms:

The modern bathroom has moved on a long way from the traditional white ceramic sink and are now more about style than serving a purpose. It could be said that some are positively unpractical but this does not stop sinks such as the ones we are about to show you appearing in the most expensive bathrooms so the rich can wash their hands in luxury. Before moving to the third point, I would like to recommend you to check most luxury home ideas with beautiful pictures. I am sure you will find wonderful less expensive ideas that will inspire you and also help you to make your home luxury.

3. Most Expensive Luxury Bathtubs:

The center piece of a luxury bathroom will always be the bath tub, but just how expensive can a bath tub be? Prepare to have your wild guesses blown out of the water with these trio of ultra-luxurious baths.

For a mere $68,970 you can bath in solid copper. This Kallista product is hand crafted and will unquestionably be the centre piece of any bathroom. It is called Archeo which is Green for ancient and beautiful, while being copper, which is a great conductor of heat, it is warm to touch. It can hold 71 gallons of water, although if you bath in this you might fill it up with champagne. This is only one, for more world’s most expensive bathtubs, just Google it.

4. Luxury Coffee Tables:

Finding the perfect Centre piece for your living room can be one of the hardest items of furniture to source. It has to reflect the taste of the room, while being practical and something that cannot be hidden easily. It can also be the way to make a statement as it is an item that visitors to your home can not help but notice. They can come in solid marble, be sculptured into elaborate shapes, contain unique artwork or act as a touchscreen hub for your home, while also retaining the ability to hold a coffee.

5. Most Luxury Kitchen:

When we talk about luxury kitchen one designer comes in my mind and he is Clive Christian. Clive has no qualms in stating that it builds luxury furniture for the world’s most luxurious homes and a quick glimpse at the photos show the level of detail and stunning quality that goes into a Clive Christian kitchen. Clive Christian also fits out other rooms, such as luxury studies and luxurious bedrooms, but the kitchens have the biggest wow factor.

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