Different Types of Access Panels: A Brief Roundup

Access panels are undoubtedly some of the most useful fix-it solutions available in our time. These panels can be seen in both residential and commercial buildings. An access panel can prove to be highly useful for you, irrespective of whether you are looking for regular maintenance shortcuts or better security infrastructure. If you always wanted to know about different types of access doors, here’s a brief overview of these emergency access panels. Know more about these panels so that you can take an educated decision next time when you shop for these panels.

Access Panel
Access Panel

Fire-rated access doors

These are the best of the lot. Fire-rated access panels are thoroughly tested for fire resistance. This implies that these panels can endure fire to a certain extent. The fire rating is given so as to mark these panels safe for use (implied) in commercial buildings and establishments. A fire-rated ceiling access panel can be of two types, a non-insulated panel, and an insulated panel. The insulated panel is designed for rooms that are exposed to constant heatwaves. On the other hand, the non-insulated access panels are meant for rooms where the temperature is not always a concerning factor.

Access panels for domestic use

There are also access panels that do not come with fire ratings. These are simply designed doors that are meant for electricians, plumbers, and HVAC servicemen to move to a restricted area and install or fix something. However, these doors are strictly for areas in your home or office where heat may not be an issue. For example, if your Wi-Fi route is hidden behind an access panel, your technician or you can simply open the door and fix the router when needed.

Categorization based on materials

Access panels are also categorized based on the materials used. For example, plastic-made access panels are not meant for heavy-duty purposes. Aluminum access panels are sturdier and have more heavy-duty options. These doors are often used in high-security zones that have tight restrictions. You can also get an aluminum profile drywall access panel with a galvanized steel door. You can easily store your belongings inside the space behind the access panel.

You can also be as creative as you can with the use of the access doors at your home or office. There is no doubt that these panels can be highly effective for you, regardless of whether you are buying an access panel for your home or office.

Choosing the right type

Choosing the right kind of drywall access panel depends largely on how you assess your needs. If you are in doubt, consult a professional book to know which specific kind of access panel you will need for your home or office. There are manufacturing companies that have experts in their panels. If you are lucky, you can get through the customer care online live support team to chance upon a real expert who can advise you squarely about what sort of access panel you should choose.